NEW COMICS In 2018 I started posting new comics on patreon! Most of them are free and available to everyone, some of them are only available to subscribers. I also post all sorts of behind the scenes art process stuff and sneak peeks at what I'm working on. I hope you'll consider subscribing!

AWRY In 2021 I started contributing some comics to AWRY, a wonderful comics site that happens to be a part of the Brick House Cooperative.

THE NEW YORKER I occasionally contribute comics and humor to The New Yorker. You can find that stuff over on The New Yorker's website.

POPULA For a little while I was contributing comics to Popula, one of my favorite news and culture websites. Click the image below to check out the comics I've published online with them.

MAD MAGAZINE From 2011 - 2017 I contributed comics and humor to MAD Magazine somewhat regularly. The magazine was rebooted in 2018 with an entirely new staff of editors and art directors, and then not long after that they mostly ceased publishing new material. I'm extremely grateful that I got to be a member of The Usual Gang of Idiots for a little while.

THE NIB I sometimes contribute comics to The Nib! I've drawn both satire and non-fiction comics for them, some of which have been published on the website and some of which have been published in the print magazine.

CAVEBOY DAVE a series of children's graphic novels that I illustrated. Written by Aaron Reynolds and published by Viking Books / Penguin Random House, it's by far the largest project I've ever worked on. Volume 1 was Published November 2016, Volume 2 came out in October 2018. You can find them wherever books are sold.

CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES My first book. 264 pages of new and collected stories about life, death, love, ghosts, cats, time travel, humans, literature, fear, magic, evil organizations, happiness, television, secrets, dogs, loneliness, house
plants, ancient dark rituals, pizza, failure, power, money, nature, government conspiracies, regret, the internet, horrifying monsters, awful jobs, wizards, the ocean, aliens, dads, kissing, crying and teeth. Published in 2013 by Grimalkin Press, which has since merged with Uncivilized Books.

ASTONISHING ADVENTURES: PERFECT PUSSY & JOANNA GRUESOME 7" RECORD + COMIC BOOK A 24 page comic book about a superhero and her battle against a pathetic, misogynist villain. The book doubles as packaging for a 7" record, a split featuring songs by Perfect Pussy and Joanna Gruesome. Drawn directly in ink in just two insane weeks and published jointly by Captured Tracks, Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP!

FERAL PIZZA This was the umbrella title under which I posted short comics on the internet from 2010 - 2013. It's mostly single panels cartoons and short strips, beginning with material I published in 2010 in a mini comic that was also titled Feral Pizza.

BOOK COMIC A short mini comic illustrating a conversation between two friends about books. Drawn in 2009. The gentleman at Top Shelf Productions were nice enough to host the color web version of this comic on Top Shelf 2.0.

PEARLY WHITES A twenty page mini comic about a sad old man, his regrets, and a chance to make things right. Drawn in 2009.

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? A short comic about a young artist and his attempt to gain approval from his girlfriend's intimidating father. Drawn in 2008.

COME IN, BALD EAGLE Seventy panels of secret code names, skateboarding, disguises, and rare stamps. Drawn in 2008. Originally published in the currently out-of-print third volume of the You Ain't No Dancer series of anthology books from New Reliable Press.

THAT DARN CANE A short strip about a clumsy old man who drops his cane. Drawn in 2008, published in This & That #3.

DOOMED A short autobiographical comic about a big scary dog. scribbled into my sketchbook in one night back in 2007, published in This & That #3.

ANGELICA Drawn in 2007, a five page comic about a painter who has lost his rather unconventional muse. I originally drew this for Plotz #0, the first issue of an anthology series I was publishing with a small group of friends. I later reprinted it in This & That #3. This comic contains some cartoon nudity!

A true story from my grandfather's childhood. Six pages, drawn in 2006 and published by New Reliable Press in You Ain't No Dancer vol. 2.

A two page autobiographical comic about stepping on a bee hive. Drawn in 2005, published by New Reliable Press in You Ain't No Dancer vol. 1.

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