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Come In, Bald Eagle

Come In, Bald Eagle is a comic I drew back in 2008 for the third and final volume of the You Ain’t No Dancer anthology books that New Reliable Press published. That book is now out of print and New Reliable Press isn’t publishing anymore so I figured I might as well go ahead and stick this story up on the website.

Some notes about this story:

  • The first draft that I thumb-nailed out was over twenty pages long. The version that I ended up drawing is only eight pages long.
  • One of my friends used to work as an assistant to an eccentric old stamp dealer. Part of her job was scanning in extremely rare, valuable stamps so that they could be sold on the internet. She’d occasionally email me the scans of some of the more interesting stamps, one of them being a stamp that was in fact sent on an envelope from the Titanic. Mary’s code name, Penny Red, is also a reference to stamp collecting.
  • The movie Charade was a major inspiration for this comic.
  • One of my best friends has been listed in my phone under the code name Bald Eagle for as long as I’ve had a phone.
  • The Living Sea is a real book by Jacques Cousteau. It’s great, you should read it.
  • All of the buildings you see in this comic are based on real buildings on Marshall Street in Syracuse, NY. My old stomping grounds.
  • I forgot to draw eyebrows on certain characters in at least two different panels. How embarrassing!
  • I originally planned to draw more comics about Mary and Steven (or Penny Red and Bald Eagle). Maybe I still will!?
  • The two main characters, Mary and Steven, are supposed to be in their mid-twenties, though they seem to be living in a perpetual childhood.
  • I haven’t yet decided if I’ll include this in my book or not.
REMINDER! I’m going to be reading some comics out loud, both old ones and new ones, on a stage in front of a bunch of people. This is happening THIS THURSDAY here in San Diego, California!
More details can be found here!
And hey! The San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week. I’m not going to be exhibiting but I’ll be there, probably every day, wandering around!

Nope, I’m not at Comic-Con.

sneaky peek

Another in-progress shot. I’ll hopefully have this finished in another day or two.

There’s a little tiny review of You Ain’t No Dancer 3 over here on the Top Shelf blog. They mention my story as one of several favorites in the book. Thanks, Top Shelf!

ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH back in stock!

A few quick things! The Are You Man Enough? mini comics are now available again in my store. Pearly Whites mini comics will be available again within the next day or two. And just another reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day I’ll be offering free shipping for my new prints! Swing by my store for more details on the prints or to place an order.
And hey! My pal Ed Brisson just launched a new store on the New Reliable Press website. From Ed’s twitter feed:

Help break in the new store. Code NEWSTORE gets 20% off New Reliable books til July 19!

For those that don’t know, I’ve drawn a few comics for New Reliable Press, all of which can be found in their terrific You Ain’t No Dancer anthologies.


I’ll be at Canzine in Toronto on Sunday, October 26th! Kim Hoang was nice enough to offer me a little bit of space at her table, so I’ll have everything you see here with me. Maybe a few copies of You Ain’t No Dancer 3 as well. See you this weekend, Toronto!


SPX is practically upon us! I’ve mentioned it before, but here it is again:

It’s in Bethesda MD this coming weekend (October 4th & 5th). I’ll be there, exhibiting at table E16 along with New Reliable Press, Kate Beaton, and Emily Horne. New Reliable Press will be debuting You Ain’t No Dancer 3 at the show, which Kate and I both contributed to. I believe a few other contributors will be stopping hanging out at the table every so often to sign books and exchange high fives.

On top of being a part of You Ain’t No Dancer 3, I will have two new mini comics with me! Tangible, printed versions of both Are You Man Enough? and The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe. I’ll also be reprinting This & That #3 for the show, which I first put together for the MoCCA Festival back in June and have already almost sold out of. I’m also printing up new shirts and buttons! So I’ll have plenty of stuff with me.

I also want to thank everyone for all of the super nice comments and emails I’ve been getting recently! I’ve already started penciling out some new comics for you internet folk and will finish them up after SPX. right now I have to go back down to my basement and finish printing shirts and mini comic covers!

You Ain't No Dancer 3 Book Launch & Art Show!

book launch & art show!
I sadly won’t be there because it’s on the opposite side of the continent and I have to play a rock show in Fredonia NY that night, but here’s all the info for those that are in the Vancouver area!

Date: Friday, September 26, 2008
Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Lucky’s Comics, 3972 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Come celebrate the release of New Reliable Press’s latest anthology, You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 3!

We’re launching the book in style, with an art show of original work by several of YAND3s contributors that will be on display in Lucky’s gallery.

Artists on display:

•Catia Chien
•Colleen MacIsaac
•Dalton Webb
•Dorothy Gambrell
•Graham Kahler
•Grant Reynolds
•Jason Turner
•Jordyn Bochon
•KC Green
•Kim Hoang
•Lars Brown
•Phil McAndrew
•Steve Rolston

About The Book:

Featuring a wrap-around cover by Kazimir Strzepek, You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 3 clocks in at 176 pages and contains 30 new stories from indy-comic favourites and up-and-comers.

Vol. 3 Contributors:

Kazimir Strzepek, Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson, Blaise Larmee, Catia Chien, Coleman Engle, Colleen MacIsaac, Dalton Sharp, Dalton Webb, Dorothy Gambrell, Graham Kahler, Grant Reynolds, Ira Marcks, Jason Turner, Jeff Bent, Jeremy Sorese, Jon Sukarangsan, Jordyn Bochon, KC Green, Kate Beaton, Ken Dahl, Kim Hoang, Lars Brown, Lucy Knisley, Mike Laughead, Mitch Clem & Jason Oberbichler, Patrick Murphy, Phil Barrett, Phil McAndrew and Steve Rolston & Sabina.

More information on the book and New Reliable Press can be found here.

I’d also like to say hello to all the new readers that seem to be flocking over from the various places that Are You Man Enough? was linked on. Hello!

Also, a little reminder that SPX is coming up soon. I will be there at booth E16, with Kate Beaton, Emily Horne, and New Reliable Press.

Heads Up, Vancouver!

Two things!

- I will be on the Ink Studs radio show this Thursday (tomorrow) along with Ed Brisson, Lucy Knisley, and Jason Turner. I am pretty certain we’ll be talking about You Ain’t No Dancer 3. This will be happening at 2pm pacific time/ 5pm eastern time and will be on Citr Radio and I believe archived as an mp3 on the Ink Studs website afterward. If you’ve never listened to Ink Studs, I highly recommend it! It’s really a great program for anyone that loves comics. I listen to it fairly often while drawing.

- Some of the original art from my You Ain’t No Dancer 3 story will be hanging in Vancouver as a part of the YAND3 launch party/art show thing that is happening on September 26th at Lucky’s Comic Shop. I don’t know all the details about the event, but when I know more I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. I will not be there, sadly, because it’s 2,876 miles away (thanks google maps!). I believe the art show will hang for about a month after the launch party.

You Ain't No Dancer vol. 2: Almost Gone!

From Ed Brisson at New Reliable Press:

Cracked open the last box of You Ain’t No Dancer 2 yesterday for Comix & Stories. Looks like there are less than 100 copies left.

If you haven’t purchased this book yet, you might not get another chance, especially with SPX coming up and the launch of You Ain’t No Dancer 3.



Yes! It’s true! I’ve redesigned my website. I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll be using this blog a lot more from now on to share news and updates. I encourage you to add it to your RSS feed reader thing!

Anyways, check out the new site. If you refresh a few times while looking at it, you might discover a neat surprise! The image on the right side of the page will change. One of three different images will be randomly selected and loaded. I plan to add a new one into the mix once every month or so.

Along with the new design, there are also SIX new illustrations up in my portfolio. Check them out! And if you haven’t already, take a peek at the comic I finished about a week ago, The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe. It’s been getting a lot of link love. So far in the past week it’s been been viewed almost 80,000 times. I guess it’s pretty popular? I’ll have it printed up as a nice little forty-four page mini comic in time for SPX.

Speaking of SPX, I will definitely be there! And I will be sitting at a table! And I’ll have comics and shirts and stuff with me! Ed Brisson was kind enough to offer me a little space at the New Reliable Press booth, where You Ain’t No Dancer 3 will be debuting! I’ll be sharing my little corner of the table with Kate Beaton. I’m really looking forward to the weekend of October 4th & 5th!

And speaking of You Ain’t No Dancer 3, it won’t hit shelves until early October, but if you pre-order it now, your book will ship the week of September 22nd. So you can get it before the comic shops AND everyone at SPX!

sneeky peek

I’ve been inking comics!