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I’m currently working on three different book projects at the same time and I love it.

The first project is of course my book, which I’ve been working on for a little over a year now. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing it and am really happy and excited about all the new comics that are going into it. I’ve been posting little teasers (like the image up above) now and then over on twitter and tumblr. Last night I even posted an entire comic from the book. Sharing the whole thing just felt right. It’s about UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS and I felt like now was a good time to show this one to the world. Here’s the first panel (below), which you can click on to read the rest of the comic…

Here are a few in progress shots of pages from the book…

I’m currently on track to finish my book up in November.

The second book project I’m currently working on is for a large publisher. It’s not a project of my own creation, I’m just providing illustrations. It’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m working on it at a break-neck speed - I’m doing 45 illustrations from start to finish in just two months. I’ll be done with it at the end of October.

The third book project I’ve got on my plate is TOP SECRET! I don’t want to reveal anything about it yet. It’s really exciting though. Extremely exciting, even! I think all the details about this one will be revealed closer to the end of the year. I’ll be wrapping this up in mid-November.

Oh! Hey! SketchCamp San Diego is TOMORROW! I’ll be there, giving a little talk in the afternoon. Tickets to the event are sold out, but if you’re already registered to be there: See you tomorrow!

Giant Piranha


Here’s a crappy phone picture of a giant piranha I painted on the floor of a stage! It’s a little freelance job I did recently for a play that some friends are working on.


Time for bed! I’m in the middle of a super busy week and I am pooped.

bp Magazine

A recent illustration I did for bp Magazine. I had an incredibly pleasant experience working with them and hope to be able to do so again down the line.

Just for kicks, here are some doodles and scribbles from my sketchbook:



I spent a good chunk of October working on six animated television spots, along with the fine folks at Cosmic Pictures. I drew all of the characters and elements and the guys at Cosmic Pictures did all the animating and worked their magic. I’m really pleased with how they turned out! It was one of the most pleasant job experiences I’ve had as an illustrator. Here’s one of the six animations:

Check out the other five spots here.

Other than a few incredibly amateur attempts on my own as a teenager, this is the first time I’ve seen drawings of mine move around and talk. It’s really neat. Anyways, they were for a zoo somewhere in Utah, urging people to vote on a proposition that would provide more funding for the zoo. I think they ran on tv there for a couple weeks leading up to election day.

A million thanks to killer illustrator Mike Laughead for hooking me up with this gig!

greek mythology doodles

hephaestus and a cyclops assistant




Attention Boston!

I did the cover of this week’s issue of the Weekly Dig. I’m told it should be out tomorrow.


It’s actually an older illustration of mine that was never really used for anything, but they liked it and asked very nicely if they could use it on the cover.

I have a friend who just moved to Boston last week. I’ll have to get her to track a copy down for me…

blah blah blah

This is a little illustration that I just re-discovered on my hard drive. I did it a while ago for the newspaper here in Syracuse. There were a couple others that went with the same article, I’ll have to try to dig those up too.