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mini comic reviews AND the cartoon commune!

First, there’s a really nice review of some of my recent mini comics over at Shawn Hoke’s Size Matters blog. He reviews Are You Man Enough?, The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe, and This & That 3. Here’s a little bit of the review that made me smile and think “this guy totally gets it”:

The art veers from sketchy and minimal pages to lovely shaded and textured panels with generous black ink. Phil frequently uses exaggerated figures to fill his stories with uneven relationships of power – kids cowering under towering adult authority figures or the trembling artist in Are You Man Enough.

I unfortunately recently sold out of copies of Are You Man Enough?, but the others are available in my store.
Second, Ryan Estrada has the new Cartoon Commune website up and running! I’m one of the new members of that little endevour, so check it out and tell Ryan I sent you!

New Mini Comics!

Here’s a look at some of the new mini comics I’ll have with me at SPX this weekend!

Are You Man Enough?

Are You Man Enough? It’s easily the most popular thing I’ve ever drawn. Yes, I have fake mustaches and will be sticking them to the covers of each copy. I’ve got a variety of shapes and colors, so there is a mustache for everyone. I’ll be sticking them on as people buy them, so you can pick what kind of mustache you want, or if you even want it on the cover at all. I’m sure some people will just want to stick the complimentary mustache on to their faces so that they can strut around the convention with confidence, knowing that they look really dang cool. Anyways, this one is twenty pages.

The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe

The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe. This one is a beast at forty-eight pages, with a two-color screen-printed cover on fancy paper. I put a lot of time and care into printing these!

This & That 3

This & That 3. These aren’t exactly new - I printed the first run of them over the summer for the MoCCA Fest and I’ve had them available online since then. But I have less than ten copies left from the first printing and I have yet to bring this mini comic to SPX so I decided to go ahead with a second printing. The contents are the same, but the covers are a little different. The first printing had screen-printed covers on mint green cardstock. The second printing doesn’t have screen printed covers, but the cardstock is twice as thick and they’re printed in black on super fancy “orange fizz” colored paper. I originally wanted to print on orange stock for the first printing but wasn’t able to get my hands on any in time for MoCCA. So I do think the second printing looks a little nicer! They’re thirty-six pages and collect some of my short strips, doodles, and anthology contributions from the last couple years.

I only printed 100 copies of each of these. If I have any left after SPX (I’m sure I will), I’ll make them available online. I’ll also have This & That 2 with me this weekend, but in limited supply.
For all the info on SPX and how you can find me there, check out my previous post! See you this weekend!


SPX is practically upon us! I’ve mentioned it before, but here it is again:

It’s in Bethesda MD this coming weekend (October 4th & 5th). I’ll be there, exhibiting at table E16 along with New Reliable Press, Kate Beaton, and Emily Horne. New Reliable Press will be debuting You Ain’t No Dancer 3 at the show, which Kate and I both contributed to. I believe a few other contributors will be stopping hanging out at the table every so often to sign books and exchange high fives.

On top of being a part of You Ain’t No Dancer 3, I will have two new mini comics with me! Tangible, printed versions of both Are You Man Enough? and The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe. I’ll also be reprinting This & That #3 for the show, which I first put together for the MoCCA Festival back in June and have already almost sold out of. I’m also printing up new shirts and buttons! So I’ll have plenty of stuff with me.

I also want to thank everyone for all of the super nice comments and emails I’ve been getting recently! I’ve already started penciling out some new comics for you internet folk and will finish them up after SPX. right now I have to go back down to my basement and finish printing shirts and mini comic covers!

shirts and comics for sale!

I printed extra shirts and mini comics because a few people online and some of my local friends expressed interest in buying them. Also, at the moment it looks like I won’t have a table at SPX this year. I’m currently still planning on going, but unless someone out there is willing to sell me a little bit of space at their table, I won’t be bringing most of this stuff down with me so I might as well get rid of it all now. Spread the word!

This & That #3 - $4.00
This & That 3

Brand new, first printing! 36 black and white pages with a screen printed cover. Printed and assembled by hand, so you know these little books have plenty of love in them! It collects some of my comics that have been published in various anthology books, as well as a number of unpublished stories, assorted drawings and single panel cartoons.

Champion T-Shirt - $15.00
champion shirt!

I screen printed all of these by hand on tagless 100% cotton shirts. The shirts were all washed prior to printing so there should be minimal shrinking, if any at all. Available in adult sizes only for now: Small, Medium, and Large. Quantities unfortunately are pretty limited and I have already set a few aside for people. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be printing another batch of these.

This & That #2 - $2.00
This & That 2

I sold out of the first batch of these a while ago and had to do a second printing for MoCCA. 16 pages, black and white, printed and assembled by hand. It collects some of my personal favorite stuff that I drew in 2005-2006, pretty much all just short strips, no longer stories. It features the little champion guy on the cover.


You can get any three for $1.00 or all seven different designs for $2.00. If ordering just three, please specify which three you’d like when you email me!

For $20.00, you can get a shirt, both This & That #2 and #3, all seven different buttons, AND an exclusive super tiny Snowman With A Robot head mini comic, which is 10 full color pages and only 1.25″ tall. If you think you might be cool enough to participate in this deal, please let me know in your email!

Snowman With A Robot Head

I could probably figure out how to set up a fancy “buy now” paypal button for each item, but I’m really pretty excited about drawing and making cool stuff right now and would rather be doing that than fiddling with the computer so if you are interested in buying anything, this is what you do:

If you’d like to order anything, send an email to philintheblanks AT gmail DOT com and let me know what you want, how many, and what size if you are ordering a shirt. I will respond to each email with a total and my paypal address, which you can then send the money to. Please be sure to include your name and address with your paypal payment!

Shipping for any orders that include shirts will be $5.00. Shipping for any order that does not include a shirt will be $2.00. Shirts weigh more than mini comics, plus I’ll be sending them in those fancy envelopes with bubble wrap coating the inside so that they will be protected if the package gets wet on it’s epic journey. The fact that paypal always takes a cut is also factored into the shipping cost. Shipping anywhere other than North America will be a little more, let me know where you are if this is the case and I’ll try to figure out what the cost will be. I always feel bad charging people for shipping, so I will be throwing a few buttons in with every mini comic or shirt order while supplies last

Thanks so very much to everyone who even considers ordering anything!

If by any chance there is anyone reading this that might be able to help me out with a little bit of table space at SPX this year, please let me know! I’ll give you comics, snacks, hugs, and money!

I should also mention that I know there are still a few of you waiting for commissions from a while ago! I halted work on commissions as I was getting ready for MoCCA but am now going to be chaining myself to the drawing table for the foreseeable future. You guys will be getting some neat swag to make up for the delay and to thank you for being so very patient whenever I do finally finish the commissions and mail them out.

This & That 3

This & That 3

36 pages with a screen-printed cover. I was planning to do black ink on orange paper, but I couldn’t find any orange paper that was thick enough. Instead I went with dark blue on a soft green, which was actually what I was thinking about doing before I thought of orange. I’ll have them, along with tons of other comics and goodies, this weekend at the MoCCA Art Fest. I’ll be exhibiting at table S12 with Jess Fink and a few other wonderful people. I hope to see you there!

a bunch of things!

I drew a quick doodle of my post-apocalyptic self.

post-apocalyptic phil

And here is something that I drew as the cover for a new mini comic, This & That #3, which I will have with me in a week at the MoCCA Art Fest.

This & That 3

I’ve been printing and folding these tiny comic books for a few days now as well. The comic is called “Snowman With A Robot Head” and it’s about 1.25″ tall and in full color. This photo makes them look bigger than they actually are, I feel.

tiny comic books