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Hello, friends! Gosh, I’ve had a fun and busy month so far. I’m working on a couple fun illustration projects and plugging away at my book whenever I can. I had a really great birthday last week, my 27th. My brother Ray was here visiting in California for a week. I spent a few days up in Los Angeles, both for fun and for some really exciting top secret meetings. And coming up in less than two weeks, Rachel and I will be moving into a new apartment here in San Diego.

So both to lighten our moving load and to raise some desperately needed cash, I’m hoping to clear out some prints and artwork that I’ve got laying around. After a long dormant period I’m re-opening the official philintheblanks.com store! Help me out and buy yourself a print or some original art! The prints are all extremely affordable and EXTREMELY fancy. Easily the best prints of my work that have ever been produced.

I’ll be sending out FREE MINI-COMICS with all orders. This is the only way you can get any of my existing mini-comics ever again (unless you were one of my kickstarter backers of course) because I won’t be re-printing them once my book comes out later this year. And hey, if you order more than one item I’ll throw in a free drawing too.


Hello friends!

I added a TON of new products to my little store recently. Lots of new prints, shirts, hoodies, and skins for ipods/iphones/laptops/etc. Seriously, you could own the shirt pictured up above. Just imagine!

And hey, here’s a little peek at part of an illustration in progress…

Five Things

Hello friends!

First of all: Thank you to everyone who has commented or sent messages regarding my last post! The response has been unexpectedly overwhelming (The number of views is over 105,000 110,000 and still growing) and really just incredible. I’m truly thrilled that so many people found some inspiration or encouragement in my simple advice. I’ve had people send messages asking for posters featuring the list of tips and rules. I will probably make this happen.

Second: There’s less than a week left to help fund the creation of my first book! The kickstarter campaign will come to an end on May 29th, which is this coming Sunday. I’ve already met my fundraising goal, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still able to pledge money (every little bit helps!) and get awesome stuff in return such as original art, soon to be out of print mini comics, ongoing peeks at the book in progress, copies of the finished book, and loads of other fancy rewards.

Third: I do plan on putting some more little paintings and drawings up for sale soon. I’ll be sure to let you know here and on twitter when that happens. Stay tuned.

Fourth: Here are some tiny peeks at recent top secret projects. I wish I could show you more! They’re both really exciting…

Fifth: I’ve been adding new prints to my store! Shirts too!


Hey friends! I’ve got some shirts and mini comics left over from all the conventions I’ve done over the last couple months. Supplies of everything are EXTREMELY limited. I do not plan on printing more shirts or reprinting any of my mini comics anytime soon ( I want to spend some time DRAWING). In this post I’m just going to show off the shirts. I haven’t taken a full inventory of what’s left of my mini comics yet and this post would be way too long if I were to list it all at once anyways.

I’d normally just add all of these items to my store, but because I’m still having some computer/internet issues that make it difficult for me to actually update any other section of my website and because I’m working with a limited stock of items, I’m going to do it the way I did it a long time ago and just list what I’ve got available right here on the ol’ blog. If you’d like to purchase anything, shoot me an email: philintheblanks@gmail.com

It’ll be first come first serve. Please list what you’d like, how many of each item you’d like, and your mailing address. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a total and my paypal information. I’ll try to keep this post up to date as certain sizes/colors sell out.

SCREEN-PRINTED SHIRTS$15.00 + shipping
I meant to print these shirts a long time ago but because of technical difficulties and procrastination it didn’t happen until last month. I printed them all myself. I used up all of my curse words and a heck of a lot of time and money printing these, but I’m really happy with how they came out! The shirts were all washed prior to being printed on, so they shouldn’t shrink much more, if at all. Here are some attractive pictures of some attractive friends wearing these attractive shirts. Thanks so much to Britt and Vicki for being mannequins! Click the images for a better look.

Want a better look at the actual image on the shirt? You got it!

Also available in these fine color schemes!

Help me out and buy a shirt or two! My bank account is in sad shape right now and I can’t wear all these shirts myself anyways. Available sizes include Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Be advised that certain colors might not be available in certain sizes just because supplies really are extremely limited. I’m charging $5.00 for shipping costs. I’ll be sending them out in fancy bubble wrap envelopes to protect them as they travel from me to you. Thanks so much!

Pearly Whites: new cover

Pearly Whites: new cover

Not long after the MoCCA Fest I sold out of the copies of Pearly Whites that I still had left. I just reprinted it with a new and improved cover! Color printing on speckled 80 lb. stock. Interior pages printed on 100% recycled paper. Now available in my store.

Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered a print! If you missed out on the special pre-order offer, don’t worry! You can still order one!

New Prints! Special Pre-order Offer!

Super Fancy Prints: Pre-order Now!

I’m having super fancy archival quality prints made of my “Artist & Masterpiece” illustration, as seen up above. You’ll be able to enhance the humor of the illustration by purchasing a print and framing it. Imagine: a framed painting of a framed painting!

I’m now taking pre-orders to help cover printing costs (and to help me figure out how many prints I should have made). I’m offering a special deal only to those that pre-order a print: FREE SHIPPING. I’ll be taking pre-orders until Wednesday, July 15. If you order a print before then, shipping costs are on me! Swing by my store for more information on the prints or to place an order. I promise, the prints will be VERY NICE.

In other news, I announced the winners of the contest I was holding over here. Thanks to everyone that entered! There were so many great drawings!

Zach Prelewicz (and some news)

First, hello and welcome to anyone that might have found their way here via Journalista!

Next, a bit of news: By popular demand, I’ve reprinted the ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? mini comics. They’re once again available in my store. This batch is limited to fifty copies, so grab one while they last. Also now available is YOU ARE SPECIAL TODAY, the EP that the band I play drums for recorded at the very beginning of this year.

Finally, here’s a new family portrait!

Zach Prelewicz

This is my cousin, Zach. I don’t have any neat dusty old photos or newspaper clippings about him. He’s current generation! He’s a pretty neat kid, but I will give you a few interesting bits of information about him: I’m pretty certain he owns more PEZ dispensers than anyone else in New York state. He once swallowed a live goldfish on a dare, and then puked it up 15 seconds later. It was still alive! His favorite movie is The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996 version).



Doodled for the most recent DREAMO TEAMO challenge. Beware, it can hear our thoughts!

I now have everything I need to put together a second printing of Are You Man Enough?, so expect it to be available in my store again sooooooon.


JW writes:

Ok, “Are You Man Enough” has been sold out on your website for months. Ahem.

My own mustache can summon a motorcycle, but not a copy of your comic.

*waves money in your direction*

When can we expect some more copies up for grabs?

One of your many fans,



Dang! I feel like a chump now, and rightfully so! I’ve been an absolute slacker in regards to reprinting Man Enough.

I do plan to do another printing of the minicomic. In fact I am going to write a note right now, reminding myself to get the ball rolling tomorrow by ordering the necessary materials.

Thanks for giving me a friendly kick in the ass! I really do appreciate it.

- Phil!

mini comic reviews AND the cartoon commune!

First, there’s a really nice review of some of my recent mini comics over at Shawn Hoke’s Size Matters blog. He reviews Are You Man Enough?, The Secret Thoughts of Harold Lawrence Windcrampe, and This & That 3. Here’s a little bit of the review that made me smile and think “this guy totally gets it”:

The art veers from sketchy and minimal pages to lovely shaded and textured panels with generous black ink. Phil frequently uses exaggerated figures to fill his stories with uneven relationships of power – kids cowering under towering adult authority figures or the trembling artist in Are You Man Enough.

I unfortunately recently sold out of copies of Are You Man Enough?, but the others are available in my store.
Second, Ryan Estrada has the new Cartoon Commune website up and running! I’m one of the new members of that little endevour, so check it out and tell Ryan I sent you!