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Where I Draw

My little drawing corner was featured on the great new WHERE THEY DRAW blog. Head on over there for a few more photos and some words about some of the materials and tools I use. I love seeing other people’s studio spaces, hopefully some of you will enjoy peeking in at mine.

Speaking of peeks, here’s a little glimpse of a big illustration I finished recently…

Also! I was really excited when this showed up in the mail on Friday…

This set of prints is BEAUTIFUL. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Pick the set up for yourself over at the Cloudy Collection website! I’ve got some extra copies of my own print from the set, maybe I’ll hold a little contest soon…

Five Things

Hello friends!

First of all: Thank you to everyone who has commented or sent messages regarding my last post! The response has been unexpectedly overwhelming (The number of views is over 105,000 110,000 and still growing) and really just incredible. I’m truly thrilled that so many people found some inspiration or encouragement in my simple advice. I’ve had people send messages asking for posters featuring the list of tips and rules. I will probably make this happen.

Second: There’s less than a week left to help fund the creation of my first book! The kickstarter campaign will come to an end on May 29th, which is this coming Sunday. I’ve already met my fundraising goal, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still able to pledge money (every little bit helps!) and get awesome stuff in return such as original art, soon to be out of print mini comics, ongoing peeks at the book in progress, copies of the finished book, and loads of other fancy rewards.

Third: I do plan on putting some more little paintings and drawings up for sale soon. I’ll be sure to let you know here and on twitter when that happens. Stay tuned.

Fourth: Here are some tiny peeks at recent top secret projects. I wish I could show you more! They’re both really exciting…

Fifth: I’ve been adding new prints to my store! Shirts too!

Sneaky Peek

A tiny peek at one of the top secret things I’ve been working on for… a while.

Hey! Kickstarter! That thing is still going on! YEAHHHH!

Top Secret

The secret projects continue! Here’s another little peek at one of the things I’ve been working on.

How are you?


Hello! How are you?

I’ve been extremely busy! Working on a few different TOP SECRET things. The image up above is just a tiny glimpse at part of something much larger. Something TOP SECRET.

I wanted to let you guys know, especially my Toronto friends, about an art show coming up really soon. My Krampus illustration will be included in the KRAMPUSNACHT 2010 show at the Resistor Gallery. It opens this Thursday (December 2nd). All the information on that is here! You should definitely check it out if you can! And maybe buy my painting! That would be so cool!

Today is the last day to get contest entries in!

sneeky peek

Today is the last day to get contest entries in! The contest ends at midnight tonight (West coast time, even though I’m on the East coast).

Also, I’ll have a new illustration up over at Picture Book Report on Thursday (small peek at the illustration up above). In the meantime, take a peek at the super amazing work everyone else has been sharing.



I’ve been pretty quiet on the internet lately! Partially because I still haven’t gotten my computer fixed (mooching my roommate’s right now) and partially because I’ve been busy busy busy.

You may recognize this as a panel from a little comic I shared a long time ago. That little comic was just a test, sort of a rough draft of the first few pages of a big long book length comic that I’ve been writing and planning and thumb-nailing and rewriting for a couple of years now. Anyways, I’m finally drawing the damn thing for real and up above is a little sample of how it’s going to look. Updates may be sparse until I get a little further along with this comic (and until I get my computer fixed up), but hang in there friends!

And hey! Thanks so much to everyone that ordered a shirt! I do still have some left, if anyone is still interested.

sneaky peek

sneaky peek
I’m working on a new mini comic! I’m hoping to have it finished in time for the MoCCA festival, which is coming up soon. I’ll be there as an exhibitor, sharing a table with my friends Jess Fink and Eric Feurstein and a bunch of others. Anyways, the nonsense up above is just a little sneak peek at one of the pages in the new comic. I’ll probably stick the whole thing up here on the website too, once it’s finished.