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Tag Archive for ‘san diego’ at Phil McAndrew Illustrations & Comics
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Tag Archive for 'san diego'

Summer Time

Hi, friends! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing. It’s been a busy couple of months! I spent half of the month of May on the road, with visits to New York City, Syracuse, and Toronto. My first book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, debuted at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May, which was awesome. TCAF is always wonderful and having a book come out at the festival only made it better. After that I was back in San Diego for just two weeks before I packed everything up and moved back to upstate, NY. Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The first important thing I have to tell you about is that both of my new books are now available online! CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES can be purchased from the Grimalkin Press website and BENIGN KINGDOM: PHIL McANDREW can be purchased from the Benign Kingdom website. Please, do yourself a favor and go order these if you haven’t already! Both books came out beautifully, even better than I’d hoped they would.

Next thing: Up above, at the start of this post, is the variant cover I drew for the upcoming ADVENTURE TIME SUMMER SPECIAL comic book. It should be hitting stores towards the end of this month, I think. Thanks to Shannon Watters at BOOM! Studios for letting me do another fun cover illustration job. I’m pretty darn proud of this one. You can click the image to see a slightly larger version.

This next thing (above) is a limited edition print that Grimalkin Press will be giving out along with every copy of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES that was pre-ordered. So if you pre-ordered a copy of my book through Grimalkin Press, you’ll be getting one of these. The prints won’t be available anywhere else ever again!

The George W. Bush National Monument! I drew this for the fun of it.

This little portrait is of course of another villain: Jay Leno. This is on one of several bonus cards that I wrote and illustrated for the Machine of Death card game that is coming out (I think) later this summer. The bonus cards were an incentive for people that supported the project on Kickstarter.

Here is a drawing of a naked butt and a mosquito. I drew this for a little zine about bugs that my brother and our friend Brett are putting together.

Last but not least, I drew this for my friend Meg Hunt, for her upcoming JOIN TOGETHER show in Portland, OR. I’ll have more details on that for you later!

Exciting Packages and Exciting News!

The proof copy of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES arrived on my doorstep this morning! I spent a couple hours reading and re-reading the book, cover to cover. I’m really proud of this thing!

Here’s a little pattern that I put together (my first ever!) for the inside cover of the book. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m still real proud of it.

Speaking of the book, an early review hit the internet a few days ago over at?Thirteen Minutes. They really went into great detail and wrote very thoughtfully about almost the entire book. Here’s a little excerpt from the review that I really liked….

“There’s always a bigger picture. Things could always be better. Things could always be worse. Enjoy. Grade A.”

Read the rest?over at Thirteen Minutes.

Some of my brilliant friends wrote really nice blurbs for the book. One of them is from Phil Dickey, who is in one of my favorite bands, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. He put this up on the SSLYBY tumblr today:

“Here’s a picture of Phil McAndrew’s dad and a shirtless Jimmy Carter in the 80s. I talk about it in our blurb for Phil’s new book. The book is called Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Strories. So you know it’s good.”

It’s true! That’s my dad and shirtless Jimmy Carter. If you want to read Phil’s blurb, I put it up over here.

You can still pre-order copies of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES right over here and can read more about the book right over here. And hey, it’s up on Goodreads! Maybe consider adding it to your “want to read” list, if you use that website.

I also recently received a bunch of copies of THE BOOK OF NICE from Workman Publishing, a fun little book that I spent a few months last year creating illustrations for. I believe the book officially hits stores in April, but you can pre-order a copy on amazon right now if you’d like.

What else is going on? What am I doing now that work on CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG is complete? Well, I’ve got a ton of little projects on my plate right now. At the moment I’m working on some cards for the MACHINE OF DEATH game. I’m also trying to get a few paintings done for various gallery shows. I just had another comic book cover art assignment land in my inbox and I’m finishing up work on a proposal for what will hopefully be my next big project.

Oh! And! Also! Big news: my girlfriend Rachel and I are officially going to be moving across the country from San Diego, California to Ithaca, New York soon. You may remember that we moved to San Diego a little over two years ago, driving across the country from Syracuse, New York. Well we’ll be making a triumphant return to upstate New York at the end of May. Rachel will be starting a PhD at Cornell University, which is pretty awesome. And I’m thrilled to be moving back to New York state. The last few years in Southern California have been a fun change of scenery, but I miss the lakes and trees and seasons of upstate New York. I miss being close to New York City, Toronto, DC, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philly…. and Ithaca has always been one of my favorite little cities. I can’t wait to get settled in there.


Good morning! Maybe it’s not morning as you’re reading this, I don’t know. It’s morning as I’m writing it! Anyways, I’ve got three things for you today!

First thing: last night I put a bunch of stuff up on my website from Pizza Sandwich, the project I had in development with Cartoon Network. Click the image up above to go take a look.

Second thing: I also recently put a little article up on my website, an adaptation of the talk I gave this past weekend at SketchCamp SD. DRAW LIKE A SIX-YEAR-OLD. I’ve gotten a really great response to it so far!

Third thing: I sent a big update out to all my book backers last night with a few complete comics and a bunch more peeks at stuff in progress. Here’s a little peek at some work in progress for the rest of you…

And here’s a page I finished last night and am pretty darn pleased with…


I’m currently working on three different book projects at the same time and I love it.

The first project is of course my book, which I’ve been working on for a little over a year now. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing it and am really happy and excited about all the new comics that are going into it. I’ve been posting little teasers (like the image up above) now and then over on twitter and tumblr. Last night I even posted an entire comic from the book. Sharing the whole thing just felt right. It’s about UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS and I felt like now was a good time to show this one to the world. Here’s the first panel (below), which you can click on to read the rest of the comic…

Here are a few in progress shots of pages from the book…

I’m currently on track to finish my book up in November.

The second book project I’m currently working on is for a large publisher. It’s not a project of my own creation, I’m just providing illustrations. It’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m working on it at a break-neck speed - I’m doing 45 illustrations from start to finish in just two months. I’ll be done with it at the end of October.

The third book project I’ve got on my plate is TOP SECRET! I don’t want to reveal anything about it yet. It’s really exciting though. Extremely exciting, even! I think all the details about this one will be revealed closer to the end of the year. I’ll be wrapping this up in mid-November.

Oh! Hey! SketchCamp San Diego is TOMORROW! I’ll be there, giving a little talk in the afternoon. Tickets to the event are sold out, but if you’re already registered to be there: See you tomorrow!

Bugs! Adventure Time! Dark Rituals! Public Speaking! The Piranhamoose! Rainn Wilson?

Hello, true believers! Up above is the the timelapse video from when the friendly folks of Soul Pancake filmed me painting in Los Angeles earlier this month. And here is a closer look at the painting I made in the video (click for larger view)…

When the timelapse video went online a lot of people were nice enough to link to it and tweet about it, including Rainn Wilson.

In other news, issue #8 of the Adventure Time comics hits shelves next week, the week of the 24th. Keep an eye out for copies with my variant cover!

My good friends Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson have a back-up story in this issue too, so if you only buy one issue of Adventure Time this year, make it this one.

I was just added to the roster of speakers that will be giving talks and workshops next month at SketchCamp San Diego. I think it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of attempting to give some talks or workshops for a while now, so I’m excited to have an opportunity to finally give it a shot. Unfortunately, seats have already completely sold out for SketchCamp, but if you’re already signed up to attend: I’ll see you on October 6th!

I’m happy to report that, despite being busier than I’ve ever been, I’ve been making a lot of progress with my book recently. Here’s a peek at a creepy page I finished recently, colored slightly for the internet…

Oh! Another bit of exciting news! I created some illustrations for a little story that was included in David Malki’s new Wondermark book, which debuted at SPX this past weekend and is now available to purchase. Here’s a peek (photo yoinked from David’s website)…

Okay! This blog update is long enough! Back to the drawing board I go.

Yes, Even You, George R. R. Martin!

Thank you to everyone that came out for the Crazy Rattlesnake Treehouse Gang comics reading event last week! I think everyone had a pretty good time! I know I did. I’d love to do more readings/events in the future.

The big huge San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and holy moly, it was a lot of fun. Here are a few of the highlights that I remembered to document…

On Saturday I caught the MAD Magazine panel, which was a lot of fun. The day before the panel I got to meet Ryan Flanders, the art director that I’ve worked with at the magazine, in person for the first time. Before the panel I got to meet John Ficarra, editor-in-chief of the Magazine. After the panel I got to meet one of my cartooning heroes, long-time MAD contributor Sergio Aragonés. He shook my hand and said “So we are colleagues now!”

As someone who recently started working on their very own project with Cartoon Network (and as someone who has drawn Adventure Time stuff professionally), it was exciting to see such a huge Cartoon Network presence at the convention. I got to attend an awesome Cartoon Network party / gallery show opening on Friday. It was really fun and there wasn’t a bad piece in the entire show. I might even go see it again if it’s still hanging.

Look at the size of this gosh darn Finn!

It was also exciting getting to hang out and drink free beers in the secret Cartoon Network hotel suite whenever I needed a break from wandering around the convention. Check out the view!

I got to meet a few celebrities! I got to talk for a couple minutes with George R. R. Martin after he wandered into a party I happened to be at. At the same party Johnny Galecki asked me for a cigarette (I didn’t have any, of course, because that’s gross). I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting mobbed by a big crowd of people and I ran into this guy, standing around in a hotel lobby…

But the best part of any convention is always getting to spend time with good friends! I spent most of my time doing exactly that. Awkwardly pictured below are Evan Dahm, Tyler Hutchison, and Becky Dreistadt.

I wish I’d taken more pictures. It was really great meeting and/or hanging out with a TON of people. There are way too many of you to even attempt listing but I didn’t really meet or talk to anyone unpleasant all week so if you met, hung out with, or talked to me at all you can be sure that I enjoyed the encounter! Yes, even you, George R. R. Martin!

I do want to list some people that deserve a big THANK YOU! Special thanks to David King, Ryan Bradford, Justin Hudnall and Ruby Cougler for working hard and making the Crazy Rattlesnake Treehouse Gang reading event possible. Extra special thanks to David King (again!), Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Ed Luce, Tom Neely, Malachi Ward, and Kent Osborne for participating in the event!

Thanks also to EvanTyler, Becky and Frank for being awesome friends and letting me hang out and use your convention booth as a base camp where I could relax and occasionally charge my phone (and for beers and snacks!). Thanks to Natasha Allegri and Amanda Thomas for being awesome house guests and bus-mates, and for hanging out with me so dang much. Thanks to Falynn Koch for being an awesome post-convention house guest (and for dinner!). Thanks to Pendleton Ward for lunch and for always having good advice for me. Thanks to Shannon Watters at BOOM! Studios and to Gina Gagliano and everyone else at First Second Books for being so gosh darn nice and loading me up with comics to read! Thanks to Jeffrey Rowland and the rest of the Topatoco crew for a nice evening at your Comic-Con mansion.

I’ve got a storyboard to finish, a drawing to work on for an upcoming gallery show and comics to write and draw so I’ll leave you now with one last picture of that super enormous Finn head.

Come In, Bald Eagle

Come In, Bald Eagle is a comic I drew back in 2008 for the third and final volume of the You Ain’t No Dancer anthology books that New Reliable Press published. That book is now out of print and New Reliable Press isn’t publishing anymore so I figured I might as well go ahead and stick this story up on the website.

Some notes about this story:

  • The first draft that I thumb-nailed out was over twenty pages long. The version that I ended up drawing is only eight pages long.
  • One of my friends used to work as an assistant to an eccentric old stamp dealer. Part of her job was scanning in extremely rare, valuable stamps so that they could be sold on the internet. She’d occasionally email me the scans of some of the more interesting stamps, one of them being a stamp that was in fact sent on an envelope from the Titanic. Mary’s code name, Penny Red, is also a reference to stamp collecting.
  • The movie Charade was a major inspiration for this comic.
  • One of my best friends has been listed in my phone under the code name Bald Eagle for as long as I’ve had a phone.
  • The Living Sea is a real book by Jacques Cousteau. It’s great, you should read it.
  • All of the buildings you see in this comic are based on real buildings on Marshall Street in Syracuse, NY. My old stomping grounds.
  • I forgot to draw eyebrows on certain characters in at least two different panels. How embarrassing!
  • I originally planned to draw more comics about Mary and Steven (or Penny Red and Bald Eagle). Maybe I still will!?
  • The two main characters, Mary and Steven, are supposed to be in their mid-twenties, though they seem to be living in a perpetual childhood.
  • I haven’t yet decided if I’ll include this in my book or not.
REMINDER! I’m going to be reading some comics out loud, both old ones and new ones, on a stage in front of a bunch of people. This is happening THIS THURSDAY here in San Diego, California!
More details can be found here!
And hey! The San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week. I’m not going to be exhibiting but I’ll be there, probably every day, wandering around!


Another peek at something that will be in my upcoming book. I’m really having a lot of fun working on this book, if you can’t tell.

I recently answered some interview questions for The interview is now online and you can read it right over here. I talk about books and some other stuff.

Reminder: I’ll be reading at this big huge event next week in San Diego, California. Please come! I’ll probably read a couple old comics and a few new ones.

Upcoming Appearance!

As previously teased, world-famous cartoonist David King and I have organized this big huge event. If you’re in San Diego or plan to visit for Comic-Con you should absolutely come!


My pal David King and I have been working hard to organize this event. It’ll coincide with the world famous San Diego Comic-Con. More details to come!