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Exciting Packages and Exciting News!

The proof copy of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES arrived on my doorstep this morning! I spent a couple hours reading and re-reading the book, cover to cover. I’m really proud of this thing!

Here’s a little pattern that I put together (my first ever!) for the inside cover of the book. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m still real proud of it.

Speaking of the book, an early review hit the internet a few days ago over at?Thirteen Minutes. They really went into great detail and wrote very thoughtfully about almost the entire book. Here’s a little excerpt from the review that I really liked….

“There’s always a bigger picture. Things could always be better. Things could always be worse. Enjoy. Grade A.”

Read the rest?over at Thirteen Minutes.

Some of my brilliant friends wrote really nice blurbs for the book. One of them is from Phil Dickey, who is in one of my favorite bands, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. He put this up on the SSLYBY tumblr today:

“Here’s a picture of Phil McAndrew’s dad and a shirtless Jimmy Carter in the 80s. I talk about it in our blurb for Phil’s new book. The book is called Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Strories. So you know it’s good.”

It’s true! That’s my dad and shirtless Jimmy Carter. If you want to read Phil’s blurb, I put it up over here.

You can still pre-order copies of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES right over here and can read more about the book right over here. And hey, it’s up on Goodreads! Maybe consider adding it to your “want to read” list, if you use that website.

I also recently received a bunch of copies of THE BOOK OF NICE from Workman Publishing, a fun little book that I spent a few months last year creating illustrations for. I believe the book officially hits stores in April, but you can pre-order a copy on amazon right now if you’d like.

What else is going on? What am I doing now that work on CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG is complete? Well, I’ve got a ton of little projects on my plate right now. At the moment I’m working on some cards for the MACHINE OF DEATH game. I’m also trying to get a few paintings done for various gallery shows. I just had another comic book cover art assignment land in my inbox and I’m finishing up work on a proposal for what will hopefully be my next big project.

Oh! And! Also! Big news: my girlfriend Rachel and I are officially going to be moving across the country from San Diego, California to Ithaca, New York soon. You may remember that we moved to San Diego a little over two years ago, driving across the country from Syracuse, New York. Well we’ll be making a triumphant return to upstate New York at the end of May. Rachel will be starting a PhD at Cornell University, which is pretty awesome. And I’m thrilled to be moving back to New York state. The last few years in Southern California have been a fun change of scenery, but I miss the lakes and trees and seasons of upstate New York. I miss being close to New York City, Toronto, DC, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philly…. and Ithaca has always been one of my favorite little cities. I can’t wait to get settled in there.

Finn and Jake Prepare to Face the Great Ghost Wizard

Hello, friends!

First thing: I’ll have a piece in an upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus, Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time. More info on the show and when it opens can be found over here! You can click on my piece up above to get a closer look.

Second thing: My friends Nathaniel MacDonald and Danny Djeljosevic recently interviewed me for their awesome podcast, Comics You Can Dance To. You can give it a listen over at Comics Bulletin!


Another peek at something that will be in my upcoming book. I’m really having a lot of fun working on this book, if you can’t tell.

I recently answered some interview questions for ReadersVoice.com. The interview is now online and you can read it right over here. I talk about books and some other stuff.

Reminder: I’ll be reading at this big huge event next week in San Diego, California. Please come! I’ll probably read a couple old comics and a few new ones.

Ramen Music cover + Pencil Bag interview

You may remember a couple months ago when I posted my first cover illustration for Ramen Music, I mentioned I’d already agreed to do another one for them. Well here it is! Click on the image to see a slightly larger version. Or you can just take a peek at some close up details down below…

Oh, also! My awesome friend Maré Odomo recently interviewed me for this great new project he’s launching, PENCIL BAG. It’s a cartoonist interview site. I talk about the tools I use to make stuff, my studio set up, the food I eat and the music I listen to. Good stuff. Here’s a little self-portrait I drew to go with my interview…

And just for kicks, here’s a peek at what my current drawing space looks like…

Okay! That’s all for now!

Study Group Interview + Dr. Seuss Tribute Show

Hello friends!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Zack Soto for the amazing Study Group blog. It’s one of the larger interviews I’ve done. Here’s the little introduction that Zack wrote:

I’ve been following Phil McAndrew’s career with interest for several years. I think he was still in art school in New York when I found his drawings on LiveJournal. His funny, comfortable illustrations were consistently one of the highlights of my LJ feed then. He’s only gotten better, adding a proficiency with watercolors to his artistic arsenal and refining his “voice.” I caught up with Phil to talk about drawing, pizza, the short story, Mad Magazine, the life of the freelance artist, and his upcoming comics collection. -ZS

Read the rest over here!

Oh! Also! That Dr. Seuss tribute show I contributed to is opening this weekend at Gallery Nucleus. I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it up to LA for the opening, but I wish I could. It’s going to be pretty awesome. You should go and take a bunch of pictures for me.

And just so this blog post isn’t totally without images, here’s a peek at something I’m working on. My first animated GIF ever, and it’s for an actual job!

HI, 5 interview + Foundry Art Centre juror

Two things!

First thing: Broken City Lab recently interviewed me for their HI, 5 interview series. Check it out over here.

Second thing: I had the honor of being asked to act as the juror for an upcoming comic and storyboard art exhibition that will be happening at Foundry Art Centre in Saint Charles, MO later this year. So I get to decide what pieces make it into the show and which ones will be awarded prizes (money!). That’s pretty neat. I hope some of you will enter the show. Make it really hard for me to pick the winners. You’ve got until June 18th to get stuff in!

Are You Man Enough: Director’s Commentary!

The awesome folks over at Kickstarter asked me to do a little “director’s commentary” sort of thing for one of my comics to be featured on the official Kickstarter blog. Naturally, I chose Are You Man Enough.

“The whole idea for this comic started when one of my cousins got married. My brother Tyler and I were hanging out at the wedding, drinking and joking around. We started talking about how boring weddings can be (for the record, the wedding we were at was actually a lot of fun) and how there’s got to be a more exciting way to display your love for someone… like you should have to perform some sort of amazing feat if you want to get married. An amazing feat to show the girl “I love you this much.” I want to attend that wedding ceremony. Defeat fifty guys in armed combat or jump over a swimming pool on a skateboard or… perform a really cool drum solo.”

Read the rest over on the Kickstarter blog!

Oh! And speaking of Kickstarter, you’ve still got a couple weeks to help fund the creation of my first book while getting awesome stuff in return like original art, soon to be out of print mini comics, fancy prints, copies of my upcoming book, and loads of other neat stuff.

Feral Pizza Mini Comic GIVEAWAY!

Hello! I haven’t posted here in a few weeks and for that I apologize. TCAF was amazing! Thanks to everyone that came by and bought something, traded, or just said hi! It was perhaps the most fun I’ve had at an event yet. And I am a guy that tends to have fun at events!

I’d also like to thank the kind folks of Drawn!, specifically John Martz, for saying some very nice things about my work. Hello to any new readers that may have wandered over here as a result!

I’ve had a few people send emails, asking if I’ll be making my new Feral Pizza mini comic available to purchase online. Unfortunately, I’m almost out of them! I came home from TCAF with only a few left. I probably won’t be re-printing it until later this year when I do my second round of conventions (SPX and, hopefully, Canzine).

Rather than selling these last few copies to the highest bidders, I’m going to give them away! I’ll be pulling three names out of a hat. All you’ve got to do to get your name in the hat is comment on this very blog post! If you’re following this blog via livejournal or a reader of some sort, be sure to comment here on the actual blog. A week from today (Friday, May 28) I will pick three names out of a hat and announce the winners. Be sure to check back and see if you’ve been picked! And PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

Also, be sure to check in on Picture Book Report next Thursday! I’ll be sharing a bunch of neat stuff. Here’s a tiny peek…

sneeky peek