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Epic Update!

Hot dog! It’s been a crazy month!

First, let’s have a little SPX recap: SPX was, as always, a lot of fun. A million thanks to JP Coovert, Joe Lambert, and Alexis Frederick-Frost for letting me table with them. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and said hello. Thanks to my travel buddies Kate Beaton, Scott C, Nathan Stapley, Maré Odomo, Mike Stevens, Katie Turner, Zan Czyzewski, and Ryan Pequin. Thanks to hotel roommates Natasha Allegri and Pen Ward. Thanks to Annie Koyama for adding to the fun from a distance. I posted a bunch of my own pictures over on my flickr thing, but here are some better pictures. STOLEN PICTURES. With me in them!

Photo stolen from the amazing Nate Beaty!Hanging at the table with Joe Lambert. Photo stolen from the amazing Nate Beaty!

Photo stolen from the unforgettable Dustin Harbin!Having my butt fondled by Britt Wilson through a glass window. Photo stolen from the unforgettable Dustin Harbin!

An epic bro hug with Steve Wolfhard, Pen Ward and Scott C. Photo stolen from Kate Beaton!

Dinner! Ryan Pequin and I are amazed/disgusted by something! Probably something Vicki Nerino is drawing! Photo stolen from Kate Beaton!

On to the next thing: something new for Picture Book Report!

I decided to retire From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and move on to a new book, having done pretty much everything I wanted to do with my first choice. I’m moving on to Holes by Louis Sachar, another old favorite of mine. Check out my first Holes update over on Picture Book Report. I’m really excited about drawing stuff from this book.

Next thing: The Portrait-Dex!

My pal Steve Wolfhard (pictured above in the epic bro hug at SPX) started a fun little project. Cartoonists drawing themselves as Pokemon! Here’s my contribution…

(click to see larger)

Last thing: I’ll have two paintings in a big group show soon! The show is called Monsterbation and it’s happening at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. It’s a dirty, sexy, scary art show. Lots of naked drawings and monsters. You can get all the info on the show here.

Here’s a glimpse at one of my paintings. Click on it to see the whole thing, but watch out. There are naked boobies.

Picture Book Report! Contest Winners! Naked People!

First, new illustrations for Picture Book Report!

You can read more about the illustrations over here! Next on the agenda: ANNOUNCING WINNERS of The 2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition!

It was a super tough contest to judge. So many great entries! After lots of meticulous beard stroking and mustache curling, I’ve chosen a winner and two honorable mentions.

The winner: Irma Kniivila! Here’s her winning entry.

Honorable mentions: Ned Hugar! (his entry is here) and David Pemberton! (his entry here)

Congratulations! Winners, email me your mailing address asap! I’ve got prizes for you! And THANK YOU to everyone that entered! It was an enormous amount of fun to see so many great beards and mustaches!

Next item on the agenda: I drew some naked people!

I went figure drawing with my friend Jenny a few nights ago. I used to do this every week but haven’t gone in a few years. It was so fun! I want to get back into the habit of doing it every week. Anyways, here are a few of the pictures I drew. Straight to ink! Pencils are for chumps!

Last thing I want to mention: I will be exhibiting at SPX! It’s coming up soon! About two weeks from now! In Bethesda, MD! September 11th & 12th! I’ll talk more about it as we get closer to the dates! And heck, while I’m on the topic of conventions, I’ll be at Canzine in Toronto too! That’s in October!


A Statue of an Angel

My latest contribution to Picture Book Report! Read more about it over here.

Picture Book Report Update!

At Last She Found A Bed That She Considered Perfectly Wonderful

I made an epic post over on Picture Book Report this morning! I had two months worth of material to share, having missed my April posting date because of computer problems. It’s okay now though! I bought myself a new computer and holy smokes, it is wonderful. However! I’m now very, very poor. I mean I was pretty poor before, but the amount of money in my bank account is now frighteningly low. So before we continue on to the fun stuff in this post, I present you with a humble plea!

If you’re an art director, editor, publisher, or person who has the ability to hire illustrators: Consider hiring me to draw something for your project or publication? I’d really, really appreciate it!

Okay! Fun stuff! My Picture Book Report illustration for the month of April (up above) was a lot of fun to work on, though I definitely owe an enormous THANK YOU to my pal Vicki Nerino for her constant advice and input throughout the process. It wouldn’t have turned out as neat as it did without her help.

Something I don’t think I’ve mentioned anywhere is that I actually went down to New York in January to visit some friends. While I was down there I spent a day exploring the Met (where most of From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is set). I took a few hundreds pictures with my phone, planning to use them for reference later. It was great! I knew I’d want to do an illustration dealing with the bed they sleep in at some point but I wasn’t sure which bed it was that was actually described in the story. So I just took pictures of every bed I could find in the museum.

More recently I found this little article that E. L. Konigsburg actually wrote for the museum. The article reveals that the bed she describes in the book isn’t actually on display anymore! So I ended up basing the drawing more off of my own mental image of what she describes in the book and a few  additional photos I found online of beds from the same time period.

Here are a few in-progress shots!

Here’s what the finished line work looked like before I painted it…

The one part I really struggled with (and where Vicki really helped me) was in deciding what direction I wanted to go in with the colors. I made a bunch of really awful digital color roughs but after getting some input from Vicki I did one more, using only blue.

After that it was just a matter of sitting down and painting!

For the month of May I decided to try something a little different. I knew right from that start that at some point I wanted to do a bunch of little spot illustrations rather than one big one. I was a little bit short on time this month and the next big illustration I have planned depicts a crucial moment in the story. I didn’t want to give that scene a rush treatment so I decided to do those spot illustrations this month.

The New York Times

Newspapers and I have a long history together. My dad has been a newspaper reporter as long as I’ve been alive. I was first exposed to comics thanks to newspapers. I interned in a newspaper art department for two consecutive summers when I was in college. I’ve just got an intense love for this form of media that is now, sadly, really struggling to stay alive. Anyways, this little drawing might not look like it was the most exciting thing to draw, but I enjoyed every moment of it. The headlines, which are intentionally obscured by the size of the image, are a mix of well researched and accurate to the year the book was written (1967) and completely made up and silly. I borrowed names from some of my pals for the bylines. Ryan Pequin, Meg Hunt, Britt Wilson: you’ve all written articles for the front page of this fictional incarnation of The New York Times. I used my dad, Mike McAndrew, for one of the articles too.

Check out the other two spots over at Picture Book Report!

Before I end this epic blog post, I want to remind everyone that I’m giving away the last few copies of my FERAL PIZZA mini comic! You’ve got until the end of the day tomorrow (Friday) to put your name in for a chance at winning!

I should also mention that I am in fact still working on commissions that people ordered a while back. I’ve understandably had a few people email me, wondering when they’ll get their drawing in the mail. I fell way behind on them as I was busy preparing for MoCCA and SPX over the last few months but I’m going to try very hard to work my way through the pile now that convention insanity is over with for me until the fall.

Thanks for reading!


I apologize to anyone that’s sent email over the last couple days. I spent a great deal of time yesterday begging my computer to turn on. It never did. I then spent a great deal of time freaking out about how I’ve got a ton of stuff I need to get done this week and next week and I need a computer for all of it!

I’m currently visiting my parent’s house, mooching their computer to check email and… order a new computer. It should be here late tomorrow or the next day. Either way, I’m unfortunately going to be a little bit late with this month’s Picture Book Report illustration, which I was scheduled to share tomorrow. I apologize! I should still be able to get everything I’ve been working on for TCAF finished in time, though it might mean giving up sleep.

Just because I hate posting on this blog without any images, here’s a doodle from a few years ago!

mallfolk #4

The Coast Was Clear

The Coast Was Clear

My new illustration for Picture Book Report! Read more about it over there…

I’ll be announcing the contest winners soon! Most likely tomorrow, if not late tonight. SO MANY thanks to everyone that participated!

Today is the last day to get contest entries in!

sneeky peek

Today is the last day to get contest entries in! The contest ends at midnight tonight (West coast time, even though I’m on the East coast).

Also, I’ll have a new illustration up over at Picture Book Report on Thursday (small peek at the illustration up above). In the meantime, take a peek at the super amazing work everyone else has been sharing.

sneeky peek

sneeky peek
A little peek at what I’ve been working on the last few days.

More contest entries have started coming in! Exciting! You’ve got until the 23rd to draw a scene from your favorite movie!

Picture Book Report AND Icki Lip!

She planned very carefully.

This is my new illustration for Picture Book Report! Read more about it over here!

I should also mention that Vicki and I have started updating ICKI LIP again after a bit of a hiatus. There will be something new every Monday. Instead of dipping my feet back into the pool of filth, I decided to go for a cannonball and draw something really, really disgusting. I’m not going to post the whole image here, but I will show you a tiny glimpse, just to give you an idea of what’s in store for you if you click THIS LINK. But seriously, it’s really awful. Don’t look if you don’t like horrible, gruesome, sweaty, naked, hairy, awful drawings….

sneeky peek

sneeky peek

My next Picture Book Report illustration goes up on the 25th. Mark your calendars!