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I apologize to anyone that’s sent email over the last couple days. I spent a great deal of time yesterday begging my computer to turn on. It never did. I then spent a great deal of time freaking out about how I’ve got a ton of stuff I need to get done this week and next week and I need a computer for all of it!

I’m currently visiting my parent’s house, mooching their computer to check email and… order a new computer. It should be here late tomorrow or the next day. Either way, I’m unfortunately going to be a little bit late with this month’s Picture Book Report illustration, which I was scheduled to share tomorrow. I apologize! I should still be able to get everything I’ve been working on for TCAF finished in time, though it might mean giving up sleep.

Just because I hate posting on this blog without any images, here’s a doodle from a few years ago!

mallfolk #4

PRINTS + Another Sneaky Peek.

I received a proof copy of my new print in the mail today. It looks GREAT. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was the original painting.


Yet another glimpse at my next painting in-progress. It’s very close to being finished, but I’m probably going to have to take it somewhere to be scanned because it’s HUGE and definitely won’t fit in my dinky little scanner.

sneaky peek

Nope, I’m not at Comic-Con.

sneaky peek

Another in-progress shot. I’ll hopefully have this finished in another day or two.

There’s a little tiny review of You Ain’t No Dancer 3 over here on the Top Shelf blog. They mention my story as one of several favorites in the book. Thanks, Top Shelf!

Sneaky Peek

sneaky peek

Just another (blurry) peek at a work in progress. Previously blogged here.

me in 75 and a half years

me in 75 and a half years
A drawing of my 100 year old self!

I’m still taking pre-orders for prints! Free shipping for anyone that pre-orders!

Super Fancy Prints: Pre-order Now!
I just posted a really, really gross new drawing over on the icki lip blog. Seriously, you probably shouldn’t look at it.

I return, with doodles!

old men

I’m back from vacation! I had a great time, but it’s good to be back home after a little over a week away. I did some doodling while I was gone (a few excerpts up above) and am back to drawing all day every day now that I’m back.

While I was away, there was a little bit of excitement in Boston regarding an old illustration of mine that I allowed the Weekly Dig to use on their cover. A level-headed blogger in the Boston area wrote more about it here.

That Darn Cane

A new little comic I drew! Click the images to see full sized pages.

That Darn Cane (page 1)
That Darn Cane (page 2)

Mall Folk 6

Mall Folk 4

I admit, I really just drew this guy because of the hat he was wearing.