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Tag Archive for ‘News’ at Phil McAndrew Illustrations & Comics
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Some recent news: My book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, is now available digitally as a pdf. You can purchase and download it right over here and then read it on your various electronic devices. The book is of course also still available in it’s original printed form right here.

I made a list of 200 things for you to draw. You can take a peek at that right over here.

Most of the stuff I’ve been working on lately is TOP SECRET, but here’s some stuff I can show you from the last few months…

Horse Apocalypse! This goes with a book proposal I’ll be sending out soon.

This is a little self portrait I drew while doing my hermit thing as a blizzard raged outside.

Another little self portrait from last year.

A little comic. This also goes with that book proposal.

Swimming. This is just a small bit of a larger illustration. I like this bit a lot on it’s own.

Exciting Packages and Exciting News!

The proof copy of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES arrived on my doorstep this morning! I spent a couple hours reading and re-reading the book, cover to cover. I’m really proud of this thing!

Here’s a little pattern that I put together (my first ever!) for the inside cover of the book. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I’m still real proud of it.

Speaking of the book, an early review hit the internet a few days ago over at?Thirteen Minutes. They really went into great detail and wrote very thoughtfully about almost the entire book. Here’s a little excerpt from the review that I really liked….

“There’s always a bigger picture. Things could always be better. Things could always be worse. Enjoy. Grade A.”

Read the rest?over at Thirteen Minutes.

Some of my brilliant friends wrote really nice blurbs for the book. One of them is from Phil Dickey, who is in one of my favorite bands, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. He put this up on the SSLYBY tumblr today:

“Here’s a picture of Phil McAndrew’s dad and a shirtless Jimmy Carter in the 80s. I talk about it in our blurb for Phil’s new book. The book is called Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Strories. So you know it’s good.”

It’s true! That’s my dad and shirtless Jimmy Carter. If you want to read Phil’s blurb, I put it up over here.

You can still pre-order copies of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES right over here and can read more about the book right over here. And hey, it’s up on Goodreads! Maybe consider adding it to your “want to read” list, if you use that website.

I also recently received a bunch of copies of THE BOOK OF NICE from Workman Publishing, a fun little book that I spent a few months last year creating illustrations for. I believe the book officially hits stores in April, but you can pre-order a copy on amazon right now if you’d like.

What else is going on? What am I doing now that work on CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG is complete? Well, I’ve got a ton of little projects on my plate right now. At the moment I’m working on some cards for the MACHINE OF DEATH game. I’m also trying to get a few paintings done for various gallery shows. I just had another comic book cover art assignment land in my inbox and I’m finishing up work on a proposal for what will hopefully be my next big project.

Oh! And! Also! Big news: my girlfriend Rachel and I are officially going to be moving across the country from San Diego, California to Ithaca, New York soon. You may remember that we moved to San Diego a little over two years ago, driving across the country from Syracuse, New York. Well we’ll be making a triumphant return to upstate New York at the end of May. Rachel will be starting a PhD at Cornell University, which is pretty awesome. And I’m thrilled to be moving back to New York state. The last few years in Southern California have been a fun change of scenery, but I miss the lakes and trees and seasons of upstate New York. I miss being close to New York City, Toronto, DC, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philly…. and Ithaca has always been one of my favorite little cities. I can’t wait to get settled in there.

Bugs! Adventure Time! Dark Rituals! Public Speaking! The Piranhamoose! Rainn Wilson?

Hello, true believers! Up above is the the timelapse video from when the friendly folks of Soul Pancake filmed me painting in Los Angeles earlier this month. And here is a closer look at the painting I made in the video (click for larger view)…

When the timelapse video went online a lot of people were nice enough to link to it and tweet about it, including Rainn Wilson.

In other news, issue #8 of the Adventure Time comics hits shelves next week, the week of the 24th. Keep an eye out for copies with my variant cover!

My good friends Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson have a back-up story in this issue too, so if you only buy one issue of Adventure Time this year, make it this one.

I was just added to the roster of speakers that will be giving talks and workshops next month at SketchCamp San Diego. I think it’ll be a lot of fun. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of attempting to give some talks or workshops for a while now, so I’m excited to have an opportunity to finally give it a shot. Unfortunately, seats have already completely sold out for SketchCamp, but if you’re already signed up to attend: I’ll see you on October 6th!

I’m happy to report that, despite being busier than I’ve ever been, I’ve been making a lot of progress with my book recently. Here’s a peek at a creepy page I finished recently, colored slightly for the internet…

Oh! Another bit of exciting news! I created some illustrations for a little story that was included in David Malki’s new Wondermark book, which debuted at SPX this past weekend and is now available to purchase. Here’s a peek (photo yoinked from David’s website)…

Okay! This blog update is long enough! Back to the drawing board I go.

Pancakes and Chowder

Hello friends! I’ve been extremely busy! I spent all last week up in Los Angeles! I was up there for work, mainly to do some stuff at Cartoon Network. Before heading back down to San Diego I did get to spend a day painting a picture and hanging out with the film crew at Soul Pancake headquarters (picture above yoinked from Soul Pancake’s Twitter). There will be a video of my painting process online soon! Here’s a tiny peek at what I painted… I’ll post the full image when the video goes up online…

Oh! Also! I just realized that the Adventure Time comic book cover I drew a while back will hit stores this month as a variant cover for issue #8. I have it on good authority that it will be out the week of the 24th. I’m super excited about that.

I recently did another cover illustration for a different comic book. Here’s a tiny little peek at that… I’ll show off the full image as soon as the publisher reveals it…

Another recent thing: I wrote a silly little story, just for fun.

The Clam Chowder Incident is about a person with a dangerously attractive butt (seriously). You can read the whole thing here. I hope you like it!

Hmm, what else have I been up to? I drew some little things for a zine that my friends Becky, Frank, Tyler, and Zach put together. It’s called SPEEDHOG The Hedgehog and it’ll be available at SPX this weekend (sorry, I won’t be there). I’m working on a few awesome freelance projects right now. I’m also trying to finish up work on my own book, hoping to have it finished and printed in time for it to be available at some events in the spring. Here’s part of a scary page in progress…

Okay! Back to drawing I go! I love you guys!

Non-stop Drawing!

My good fiend Dave Witanowski wrote a novel! An awesome fantasy adventure novel called REYNARD THE FOX! I got to illustrate the wraparound cover. I can’t really say I’d done any serious fantasy illustrations before, at least not in my adult life. So this was a fun challenge, trying to do justice to one of my favorite scenes in Dave’s book. It stirred up the 16 year old Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast within me. I want to do more fantasy/adventure stuff now! Someone get me the Wizards of the Coast art director on the phone!

As soon as Dave’s book is available to purchase, I’ll be sure to link to it. Here’s what the cover looks like with text on it (which I also drew)…

Next on the agenda: a new Feral Pizza comic!

Despite being busier than ever, I’m hoping to get back into the habit posting new Feral Pizza comics at least somewhat regularly.

I’ll also have a full page comic in the new issue of Broken Pencil (#51). I gave you guys a tiny peek at it here. It’s a short profile of some fellows from Edmonton (Canada) who went to Zambia to teach kids how to make zines. I found the whole thing really interesting. You can read more about the group and their Zambian adventures here. Anyways, I’m not sure if the new issue of Broken Pencil has hit the streets yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of having comics published in magazines, I just recently sold my very first comic to MAD MAGAZINE! MAD! MAGAZINE! I’m way, way beyond excited. It’ll hopefully be in the next issue, #510, I think. Which would be the August issue, though I’ve got a copy of the June issue sitting on the table here and we’re just barely into the month of May. So I don’t think you’ll actually have to wait until August to see the next one.

I’m keeping myself busy with a top secret project for the next few weeks. It’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on. I wish I could tell you about it! Though I guess it can’t hurt to give you a tiny little peek…


One last thing! I’m still raising money on kickstarter to help fund the creation of my book! It’ll run through most of the month, so there’s still loads of time to contribute and get some really fun stuff in return.


But I need your help!

By pledging money, you’ll be buying me the time to give this project the undivided attention that it deserves. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped an up-and-coming cartoonist put out his first book. You’ll also get some really great swag. For more info, check out the kickstarter page!

Spread the word, my friends!

Big News

I’m moving to San Diego.

It’s true! I quit my boring day job and my girlfriend and I are packing up and moving across the country. I’m incredibly excited! I’ve never been to San Diego, or even the state of California. But I think it’ll be a thrilling change of scenery after nearly 26 years of upstate New York.

I don’t have any sort of job lined up yet and by all accounts San Diego is incredibly expensive. It would be REALLY, REALLY awesome if you’d consider hiring me to draw something, especially during these first few months of 2011! Know someone who is in a position to hire illustrators? Please, make them aware of my name and website! Even the smallest of assignments will help! I can draw anything and I can draw it fast! (I did this in just three days, start to finish)

And just to add a bit of color to this post, here’s another tiny peek at a recent TOP SECRET project…

Picture Book Report! Contest Winners! Naked People!

First, new illustrations for Picture Book Report!

You can read more about the illustrations over here! Next on the agenda: ANNOUNCING WINNERS of The 2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition!

It was a super tough contest to judge. So many great entries! After lots of meticulous beard stroking and mustache curling, I’ve chosen a winner and two honorable mentions.

The winner: Irma Kniivila! Here’s her winning entry.

Honorable mentions: Ned Hugar! (his entry is here) and David Pemberton! (his entry here)

Congratulations! Winners, email me your mailing address asap! I’ve got prizes for you! And THANK YOU to everyone that entered! It was an enormous amount of fun to see so many great beards and mustaches!

Next item on the agenda: I drew some naked people!

I went figure drawing with my friend Jenny a few nights ago. I used to do this every week but haven’t gone in a few years. It was so fun! I want to get back into the habit of doing it every week. Anyways, here are a few of the pictures I drew. Straight to ink! Pencils are for chumps!

Last thing I want to mention: I will be exhibiting at SPX! It’s coming up soon! About two weeks from now! In Bethesda, MD! September 11th & 12th! I’ll talk more about it as we get closer to the dates! And heck, while I’m on the topic of conventions, I’ll be at Canzine in Toronto too! That’s in October!

Feral Pizza Mini Comic GIVEAWAY!

Hello! I haven’t posted here in a few weeks and for that I apologize. TCAF was amazing! Thanks to everyone that came by and bought something, traded, or just said hi! It was perhaps the most fun I’ve had at an event yet. And I am a guy that tends to have fun at events!

I’d also like to thank the kind folks of Drawn!, specifically John Martz, for saying some very nice things about my work. Hello to any new readers that may have wandered over here as a result!

I’ve had a few people send emails, asking if I’ll be making my new Feral Pizza mini comic available to purchase online. Unfortunately, I’m almost out of them! I came home from TCAF with only a few left. I probably won’t be re-printing it until later this year when I do my second round of conventions (SPX and, hopefully, Canzine).

Rather than selling these last few copies to the highest bidders, I’m going to give them away! I’ll be pulling three names out of a hat. All you’ve got to do to get your name in the hat is comment on this very blog post! If you’re following this blog via livejournal or a reader of some sort, be sure to comment here on the actual blog. A week from today (Friday, May 28) I will pick three names out of a hat and announce the winners. Be sure to check back and see if you’ve been picked! And PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

Also, be sure to check in on Picture Book Report next Thursday! I’ll be sharing a bunch of neat stuff. Here’s a tiny peek…

sneeky peek

The Contest Winners!

First and most important thing: THANK YOU! Thanks so much! Thanks to everyone that drew something for the contest! And thanks to everyone that linked to the contest!

This was a really tough contest to judge. There were some fantastic entries, all of them very different. I had such a hard time, in fact, that I decided there would not be two winners, but THREE! Gasp! I picked two winners myself just based on which ones I liked the best and then drew one from a hat.

BIG WINNER NUMBER ONE: Pink Flamingos by Vicki Nerino

One of my two favorites came from my good friend, Vicki Nerino. I’m an enormous fan of her work and this drawing is no exception! I have seen Pink Flamingos (Vicki actually made me watch it a while back), and I’m not at all shocked she picked this scene to illustrate, knowing her personally. Anyways, I love this drawing. I am pretty certain Vicki already has copies of all my mini comics, tons of my original drawings, and even one of the shirts I screen printed. I have no idea what I’ll put in her prize package that she doesn’t already have! This is part of the reason I felt it would be okay to pick an additional big winner (aside from there being so many phenomenal drawings). Someone should get all these prizes!

BIG WINNER NUMBER TWO: The Third Man by Dustin Harbin

Dustin managed to get this BEAUTIFUL drawing done just before the deadline. And jeez, I am so glad he did! I haven’t seen The Third Man, but I did have it on my (ridiculously long) Netflix queue. It was number 348 on the list. Dustin’s drawing has prompted me to bump it up to number 3. Not only does this make me want to see The Third Man, this drawing makes me want to see Dustin draw a big long spooky mystery comic. Do it, Dustin!

BIG WINNER NUMBER THREE: Dune by Julia Gfrörer

Julia’s entry was picked out of the hat, but it was honestly one of the handful of drawings that I was very seriously considering as a winner anyways. I’ve spent some time snooping around Julia’s website and flickr stream since I first saw her entry. Lots of good stuff! Anyways, I have seen Dune. I actually just recently finished reading the book for the first time as well. I love Dune. I love Julia’s drawing. I’m glad she get’s to be one of the winners!

Thanks again to everyone that drew something! It was a lot of fun for me, I hope it was a lot of fun for you. Winners, I’ll be sending emails your way soon to get your mailing addresses. I’m sure I’ll do another contest at some point in the future. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch a movie.