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Comforting Woody Allen

Comforting Woody Allen

Hello there!

The MoCCA Fest was awesome. Best MoCCA I’ve been to yet. I had a blast talking to everyone. I got to spend some time with some of my good pals. It was a great weekend in every way.

I’m really excited right now though because I just found out that I’ve been added as an exhibitor at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival next month! I love Toronto and I love a ton of the people that are going to be there. In all my excitement I decided to try to get a new mini comic done for the show, which is just a short three weeks away (sneeky peek up above).

A Big Process Peek + MoCCA This Weekend!

Story Time

A new illustration! The plan is to use it as a new self-promo postcard. Hopefully it’ll bring in a few new clients! I’ve been going through an epic freelance drought. I posted fairly regular process updates to my twitter account as I was working on this illustration. A few people expressed interest, so I figured I’d collect all the process stuff here for you guys.

Before I get into the process stuff, I’ve got a quick announcement: I will be exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival this weekend (April 10 & 11) in NYC! Come find me at table E21 along with my pals Jess Fink, Eric Feurstein, L. Nichols, and Jorge Diaz. I’ll have mini comics, screen-printed shirts, original art and high fives.

On to the illustration process stuff!

My sketchbooks, for the most part, are filled with notes and scribbles much like this one. I don’t seem to sit and draw in my sketchbooks much these days. They’ve mostly just become a place for collecting and developing ideas. I scribble little thumbnails like what you see up above. Most of them never make it past the thumbnail stage but a few lucky ones (like this one) grow up to be big inky drawings.

Next we flesh the idea out a little bit. The characters transform from vague, ugly blobs to detailed ugly blobs. I really enjoy this phase simply because I really enjoy drawing. It’s just so much fun! I do this stage of the drawing on crappy printer paper because there’s no reason to do it on anything fancy.

I wasn’t super sure what I wanted to do with the background at first. In fact, I was really struggling with it for a few days. I decided to scan in the characters and print out a sheet of four thumbnails so that I could just doodle and figure the background out.

I’ve always focused more on characters and expressions in my work. Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to really improve my background/scenery skills. I’m forcing myself to draw backgrounds as much as possible. You’ll see this in my upcoming Picture Book Report illustrations.

Once I settled on a background, I jumped into inking. I use a lightbox when inking. I’m not super picky about my inks or my pens. I use whatever ink I’ve got laying around and just use a cheap nib pen. I do the inking on Strathmore 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.

The finished ink drawing! I like to augment some of my lines with a beat up old brush. If you look at the old guy’s sweater lines, they’ve got that fuzzy beat up old brush quality to them. I love that.

Before I get into painting, I often like to scan the inks in and play around with colors in Photoshop. I find it really helpful to digitally come up with a rough idea of what you want to do with the colors before attempting to paint. The final product won’t look exactly like your color rough, because that would just be nuts, but it’s really nice having something to shoot for.

I’ve started painting! I’ve just got some basic wash layers down at this point. haven’t touched that crazy carpet at all, haven’t done any shadows or anything. Just keep it nice and simple for a while!

This is a crummy phone picture I took while painting. At this point I’ve got most of that carpet done. Still haven’t gotten much into shadows or anything, but soon! We’ve hit the home stretch.

Story Time
And eventually, we get here, to the finished illustration. Scan it in, fiddle with the levels a little (watercolors never scan well), and bang! Finished!

I hope you find this whole process peek at least a little bit interesting! I look forward to seeing everyone at the MoCCA Festival this weekend!

MoCCA Report & New Mini Comic

MoCCA 2009

The MoCCA Festival was, as usual, loads of fun and quite warm.

For those that couldn’t make it to the show, I do have a few copies of my new mini comic left. It’s now available in my store.
I’m not going to go too in depth, writing about all the people I got to meet or hang out with or all the neat things that happened in New York, but I will say thanks to my dear old friend Mike Stevens for letting me crash at his apartment for the weekend (as he has done for a few years now), thanks to Kate Beaton for offering me a ride down to New York (even though it didn’t pan out, but it’s okay! I appreciated the offer so much.), and thanks to everyone that hung out, wandered around with me, stopped by the table, gave me comics, bought comics, said nice things, or even just walked by and smiled.

I’ve only managed to read through a few of the new books I picked up over the weekend (I actually still have comics from the last two conventions I attended that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet), but here are a few favorites from what I read while riding the subway in New York and a few others that I’m really looking forward to reading in the coming days and weeks.
Jan’s Atomic Heart by Simon Roy. Of the books I’ve read so far, this one is easily my favorite. It’s short and simple, but still manages to paint an incredibly detailed picture of the futuristic world it’s set in and the characters that inhabit it. This book really blew me away. And it’s got GREAT art. It was a steal, costing just $6.00!
Spaniel Rage by Vanessa Davis. I realize this book is a few years old, but I’m really into Vanessa Davis’ stuff right now. I’m about halfway through reading it and it makes me actually want to start keeping a journal in comic form, an urge I haven’t had in about six years. I’ve got a huge crush on her drawings. The way she composes the pages in this book just kill me, they’re beautifully organic and every drawing flows right into the next. I was striving to do something similar with my own most recent mini comic. I don’t know if I pulled it off, but she sure did.
True Loves vol. 1 & 2 by Jason Turner and Manien Bothma. Jason is both a friend and one of my favorite cartoonists. I already had all of True Loves 1 in mini comic form from years ago, but this is a comic that I needed to own in book form. And hey! True Loves 2 was JUST released, which is very exciting. Both volumes are wonderful and look great sitting together on my shelf. I look forward to whatever Jason works on next.
The Mourning Star vol. 2 by Kazimir Strzepek. I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while now! I didn’t even realize it was being debuted at MoCCA, but of course almost as soon as I walked into the venue on that first day someone mentioned it to me. This was the first purchase I made. I haven’t started reading it yet though- I want to go through vol. 1 again first!
Never Learn Anything From History by Kate Beaton. I tabled with Kate at SPX back in October 2008. She only had mini comics to sell at that show, but she sold out of them in a matter of hours. This would have been my very first purchase at this show, but Kate wouldn’t let me pay for a copy! Oh well. I read most of the book on the bus ride back up to Syracuse and probably irritated everyone around me as I kept audibly laughing.
A Fall A Part by JP Coovert. I always look forward to seeing JP at these things. He’s a darn nice guy and he makes some of the best mini comics out there. I’d read A Fall A Part once already (I think it was on the internet?), but it was just as powerful and touching on the second read. I’m looking forward to reading the most recent issues of his Simple Routines comics too.
Smaller Parts by Grant Reynolds. I first met Grant at SPX in 2008, but I’d been familiar with his comics for a while as we both contributed to several volumes of the You Ain’t No Dancer books. Anyways, Grant gave me a nice little pile of stuff, including Smaller Parts, which he said was a collection of old comics of his. It’s all stuff I haven’t seen, so I look forward to reading it! He’s got a book coming out with Top Shelf later this year, which I’m also really looking forward to.
Super Spy by Matt Kindt. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this book and I enjoyed Matt’s previous books so I couldn’t resist picking this one up (expecially when Top Shelf marked it down to ten bucks on Sunday!). I look forward to reading this one. The book itself is stunning, it’s beautifully designed and printed.
I could go on listing mini comics and books, but it all really looks great! I’ve got a lot of reading to do. But first: off I go to draw new things!

Pearly Whites and MoCCA


I’ve finished Pearly Whites, my new mini comic! I plan to print it up tomorrow, so unless something goes horribly wrong, I’ll have copies with me at the MoCCA Festival this weekend in New York City. I’ll be at table 328. Please come and say hello! For those that can’t make it to New York, you can read the comic right here on this website! Click these very words that you’re reading right now.

sneaky peek

sneaky peek
I’m working on a new mini comic! I’m hoping to have it finished in time for the MoCCA festival, which is coming up soon. I’ll be there as an exhibitor, sharing a table with my friends Jess Fink and Eric Feurstein and a bunch of others. Anyways, the nonsense up above is just a little sneak peek at one of the pages in the new comic. I’ll probably stick the whole thing up here on the website too, once it’s finished.

MoCCA Art Fest 2008

It was great! Before I get into my detailed report of the weekend, I just want to say that it was really great meeting everyone that came by the table or that I bumped into while wandering around! I think it’d be pretty much impossible for me to go through and list every single person I met or traded comics with, so I’m not even going to attempt it. I really did enjoy meeting so many awesome and talented people though and finally getting to match some more faces and names to some of the great art and comics that I see every day on this little thing we call the internet.

My brother Tyler and I drove down to NYC on Friday night with our friends Nate and Stuv. It was a bit of an adventure, getting down there, and I don’t feel like typing up the whole story but it ends with us getting lost in the Bronx, eventually finding our way to Yonkers around 3 in the morning, realizing there weren’t any more trains into the city until 5:30, somehow sneaking into the train station which was all dark and locked up, and watching Arrested Development on my laptop for two and a half hours while waiting. When the train finally arrived we took it into the city and headed to our friend Mike’s apartment, where we were staying for the weekend. Of course it was a little after six in the morning at this point and Mike was understandably fast asleep, so we were locked out until he finally answered his phone sometime after seven. Everyone crashed and slept for a while, but I was feeling restless and didn’t drift off for even a second! I eventually gave up on the idea of sleep and jumped onto the A train all by my lonesome self so that I could go down to the Puck building to meet up with Jess Fink and her whole crew and help set our table up before the show. I wasn’t even really feeling sleepy, just exhausted from the hassle of traveling and being locked out of more than one destination throughout the night.

I arrived at the Puck building and got into the line of exhibitors waiting to sign in and set up. MoCCA was split up into two floors in the Puck building, the first and the seventh. We were up on the seventh and while it was pretty warm up there the entire weekend, it was a little more relaxing and we had a really great view! I spent most of the first day sitting at the table, only getting up to wander a little once or twice towards the end of the day. Our table was right next to a big group of Norwegian cartoonists, one of whom was Jason. Jason, for those that don’t know, is one of my all-time comics heroes. I am totally obsessed with his books! I didn’t get to talk to him at all the first day (or maybe I was too nervous to try), but I did spot him wandering around on Sunday and so I gave him some mini comics and got to shake his hand and stuff. I met a lot of fantastic people! The whole day kind of blurs together in my memory, but I met an overwhelming amount of people and browsed through an overwhelming amount of neat comic books and art.

The con ended each day at six. Mike, Stuv, Nate, and Tyler (who did all show up at the con after sleeping for a bit) had left a little earlier, but I met back up with Tyler and had dinner with him, Jess, Eric Feurstein, and Adam Cadwell. We were going to go to some sort of fancy cartoonist dinner/party but didn’t feel like dealing with a big crowd so we instead went to Acme, a cool little restaurant (which is actually where I met up with Jess and Eric in person for the first time at MoCCA 2006). After diner Tyler and I headed back uptown to Mike’s place so that our whole crew could go to a birthday party at our friend Chris Casciano’s place in Harlem. Chris is one of my best friends from childhood who is also trying to break into illustration. The party was fun, it was great to visit with old friends, and I was half of a beer pong team that went undefeated for almost the entire party. After the party we headed back to Mike’s to sleep, which was something I had not done in like 40 hours or something.

Day two of the con was much busier, at least for our table. I sold a lot more than the first day. I also bought a bunch of things. Again, the con itself is a big blur of awesome in my memory. I met so many people and bought/was given/traded for so many great comics. I spent more time walking around on Sunday, actively seeking out people I wanted to meet or catch up with. At some point in the day there was apparently a fire in the building, and we were all evacuated to the street for half an hour or so. I didn’t mind, it gave me a chance to get some air and grab a beverage.

After the show ended we packed up headed out. I again grabbed dinner with Jess and our whole crew of travelers. After dinner My group and I went back uptown to Mike’s again to grab the rest of our bags and then we started the long and tiring trip home. We got back to Syracuse a little after five in the morning and I went immediately to sleep and slept until two in the afternoon today. Now I’m sitting here, eyeballing this big pile of comics I brought home with me. I can’t wait to read them all!

-Getting to hang out with Jess and Eric again. It’s always so much fun!
-Not being able to find Chris Wright at the show and then bumping into him afterwards in the street and sadly turning down a free copy of his new book Ink Weed (because I’d bought one earlier) and an invitation to a party at Aaron Renier’s house! Shucks! I would have loved to go and shmooze with all the cool kids but we had to hit the road and get back home to Syracuse.
-Nervously talking to some of my all time favorite cartoonists like Jason. He was sitting at the table right next to ours for most of the first day but I couldn’t think of anything to say to him that wasn’t “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR COMICS.” On the second day I saw him wandering around and decided to just run up and talk to him and give him some comics even though I still hadn’t though of anything to say really. And Lilli Carré! She was sitting pretty close to us too so I forced myself to talk to her and we ended up trading mini comics and she actually remembered me from when we’d briefly met a couple years ago. I have a pretty big art crush on her. Her book Tales of Woodsman Pete is one of my favorite books of all time!
-Meeting freaking MICHEL GONDRY and his son and getting to give them some of my comics. I got some of the comics they’d both made and Michel Gondry sat and drew a little picture of me in his. His son Paul was drawing some really wild stuff.
-Seeing my friend Frank Cammuso and getting to finally see a copy of his Knights of the Lunch Table book, which I helped color.
-Mumbling my way through two different podcast interviews and not really making any sense or saying anything particularly interesting.
- Meeting and/or catching up with zillions of amazing people!

I forgot to bring a camera with me, but I did snap a couple of pictures with my phone. Almost none of them are from the con itself.

Tyler relaxes on the floor next to our table.

Jess Fink!

I hung out and took some pictures with Joey Weiser during the fire evacuation.

lt=”" />

Waiting for a train on our way back from the party in Harlem. We were full of beer.

The only picture of me from the entire trip, I think. I had been awake for 40+ hours!

Here is Jess Fink again! She wasn’t posing, she looks like this all the time.

Here is a neat truck I saw.

Again, thanks so much to everyone that came buy and bought stuff or gave me comics or traded comics or just said hi! I am just now going to sit down and try to make a dent in the big pile of books and mini comics. It was too much fun and I’m already looking forward to the next show. SPX isn’t that far off! Speaking of which, does anyone want to sell me a tiny portion of their table? I will give you hugs and snacks and comics and money.

This & That 3

This & That 3

36 pages with a screen-printed cover. I was planning to do black ink on orange paper, but I couldn’t find any orange paper that was thick enough. Instead I went with dark blue on a soft green, which was actually what I was thinking about doing before I thought of orange. I’ll have them, along with tons of other comics and goodies, this weekend at the MoCCA Art Fest. I’ll be exhibiting at table S12 with Jess Fink and a few other wonderful people. I hope to see you there!