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Some recent news: My book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, is now available digitally as a pdf. You can purchase and download it right over here and then read it on your various electronic devices. The book is of course also still available in it’s original printed form right here.

I made a list of 200 things for you to draw. You can take a peek at that right over here.

Most of the stuff I’ve been working on lately is TOP SECRET, but here’s some stuff I can show you from the last few months…

Horse Apocalypse! This goes with a book proposal I’ll be sending out soon.

This is a little self portrait I drew while doing my hermit thing as a blizzard raged outside.

Another little self portrait from last year.

A little comic. This also goes with that book proposal.

Swimming. This is just a small bit of a larger illustration. I like this bit a lot on it’s own.

Summer Time

Hi, friends! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing. It’s been a busy couple of months! I spent half of the month of May on the road, with visits to New York City, Syracuse, and Toronto. My first book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, debuted at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May, which was awesome. TCAF is always wonderful and having a book come out at the festival only made it better. After that I was back in San Diego for just two weeks before I packed everything up and moved back to upstate, NY. Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The first important thing I have to tell you about is that both of my new books are now available online! CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES can be purchased from the Grimalkin Press website and BENIGN KINGDOM: PHIL McANDREW can be purchased from the Benign Kingdom website. Please, do yourself a favor and go order these if you haven’t already! Both books came out beautifully, even better than I’d hoped they would.

Next thing: Up above, at the start of this post, is the variant cover I drew for the upcoming ADVENTURE TIME SUMMER SPECIAL comic book. It should be hitting stores towards the end of this month, I think. Thanks to Shannon Watters at BOOM! Studios for letting me do another fun cover illustration job. I’m pretty darn proud of this one. You can click the image to see a slightly larger version.

This next thing (above) is a limited edition print that Grimalkin Press will be giving out along with every copy of CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES that was pre-ordered. So if you pre-ordered a copy of my book through Grimalkin Press, you’ll be getting one of these. The prints won’t be available anywhere else ever again!

The George W. Bush National Monument! I drew this for the fun of it.

This little portrait is of course of another villain: Jay Leno. This is on one of several bonus cards that I wrote and illustrated for the Machine of Death card game that is coming out (I think) later this summer. The bonus cards were an incentive for people that supported the project on Kickstarter.

Here is a drawing of a naked butt and a mosquito. I drew this for a little zine about bugs that my brother and our friend Brett are putting together.

Last but not least, I drew this for my friend Meg Hunt, for her upcoming JOIN TOGETHER show in Portland, OR. I’ll have more details on that for you later!


Here it is. The cover to my first book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be debuting the book at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May and shortly afterwards will be available online and in certain fine comic shops. I want to write something long and detailed about this book, the time I spent working on it, the comics going into it, etc. But I’m going to save that for another day because holy moly, I’m exhausted! And I’ve got a few other things I want to mention today. So for now, I’ll just remind you that you can read a little bit more about the book over here and you can PRE-ORDER a copy for yourself over here. Oh! And I want to show you the full wrap-around cover illustration (sans text). Click the image to see a larger version…

Next thing on the agenda: The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor!

I’ve got a little comic in this book, which I understand will also be debuting at TCAF. The book was edited by the brilliant cartoonists Nathan Bulmer and Lauren Barnett. It features work by a ton of hilarious, great cartoonists and has an incredible cover (as you can see!) by the great Joe Lambert. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy for myself.

Also! Physical copies of my Benign Kingdom art book exist! I have seen them! I have touched them! Here is a photo…

These should be available soon in the Benign Kingdom store.


Hello! I’ve got a little illustration in the new issue of MAD (issue #520). It should be in stores NOW!

Also: I’ll be one of many *special guests* at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA next weekend, March 1 - 3. Come find me with the rest of the Benign Kingdom crew at tables F12 - F16, where we’ll be debuting the spring 2013 art books (one of which is mine!). I’ll also have some original art with me and hopefully some copies of the Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics that have my art on the cover.


Hello friends! As I am writing this you only have 48 HOURS left to help fund the Benign Kingdom spring 2013 art book collection.

It’s going to be amazing. Do yourself a favor and get in on this!

And please, help spread the word!!!

Crying in Front of Your Dog and Other Books Too!

January! 2013! I’ve got lots of new things to show you and talk about!

The first big thing is that my very first book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, is now available for pre-order! I’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s finally coming out this spring. The image up above is just one of many, many pages from the book (colored slightly just for the internet). Here’s a little info about the book from the Grimalkin Press website…

CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES by PHIL McANDREW - Over 200 pages of new and collected stories about life, death, love, ghosts, cats, time travel, humans, literature, fear, magic, evil organizations, happiness, television, secrets, dogs, loneliness, house plants, ancient dark rituals, pizza, failure, power, money, nature, government conspiracies, regret, the internet, horrifying monsters, awful jobs, wizards, the ocean, aliens, dads, kissing, crying and teeth.

All pre-orders come with a FREE limited edition print. This particular print will only be available as part of the pre-order deal and will not be available ever again once the pre-order ends.

Okay! The next big thing I have to tell you about is BENIGN KINGDOM!

I’ve got an art book coming out as part of the next Benign Kingdom collection! I couldn’t be more excited. If you don’t know, Benign Kingdom is “a creator-owned publishing project designed to showcase the art of independent comic creators…. the goal is to produce an individual art book for each artist but also manufacture a hardcover edition that collects all four of their individual books in one beautiful collection.”

The image up above is my cover illustration for my art book. The other three artists doing books for this set are Emily Carroll, Gigi D.G., and Tyson Hesse. They’re all amazing and you can snag the entire set of books for yourself or a friend right over here.

The third thing on the agenda is… REGULAR SHOW!

My friends over at BOOM! Studios asked me to draw a variant cover for the first issue of the new Regular Show comics that they’re publishing. I love doing these covers for BOOM! and I hope I get to do more. I don’t know when exactly the first issue comes out, but I do know that my friend KC Green is writing the comics and that is absolutely perfect.

Speaking of comic book covers, the Adventure Time cover that I drew last year was named the FOURTH BEST comic book cover of 2012 by ifanboy.com. Holy moly.

Phil McAndrew Awareness Month

My friend Nathaniel MacDonald recently commented on facebook that “it’s officially Phil McAndrew awareness month.” I think he might be right! A bunch of stuff with my work in it (or on it) is hitting shelves this month.

First thing! The new issue of MAD MAGAZINE hits shelves next week on the 18th! I wrote one of the 20 Dumbest Things pages (I got paid to make fun of Rush Limbaugh - a dream come true). This was my first time getting paid to write stuff without also providing illustrations! But don’t worry - I’ve got a comic in this issue too (which I did illustrate). I posted a little tiny glimpse of the comic a while back, but you should pick this issue up and read the whole thing.

Second thing! Also coming out next week on the 19th is issue #3 of the BRAVEST WARRIORS comic! I did a variant cover for this issue (above). Many thanks to Shannon Watters at BOOM! for letting me do another cover. I highly recommend picking up a copy, if not for me, then for the amazing back-up comic that my friend Ryan Pequin has in this issue. It’s pure gold.

Third thing! Speaking of variant covers… if you missed out on the cover I did for issue #8 of the ADVENTURE TIME comics (above), I just learned that it’s been collected in this little book that came out last week, ADVENTURE TIME: COVER SHOWCASE. I ran out and picked up a copy for myself today and it’s awesome, having all these great cover illustrations by so many great artists, many of whom I consider good friends, collected together into one little book. The Cover Showcase book looks like this, with a great cover by Paul Pope.

Other things! I’m working on ANOTHER comic book cover right now. I can’t say what it’s for yet - the comic series hasn’t been announced by the publisher yet! I’m also working hard, trying to finish up drawing my book. I posted a full new comic from the book online a while back, right over here. And here are some assorted little bits and glimpses.

My friend Maré Odomo recently drew me and lots of other cool people into a comic that he made for VICE. I’m towards the end, shaking my booty. If you follow me on twitter, you probably know that I love Maré’s comics. I think he’s doing some really neat, genuine, magical things and I desperately hope lots of publishers start scrambling to work with him because I want to own some Maré Odomo books. Maré interviewed me earlier this year… you can read that over here.

It’s almost Christmas time! Around this time I like to re-post the Krampus illustration I did for the Rochester City Newspaper a couple years ago (above). For the holidays I’ll be heading back to visit the snowy wonderland from which I came: Syracuse, NY. I’m going to be hanging out on the East coast for a couple weeks, from the 18th of December until the 3rd of January. I haven’t been back home to Syracuse (or anywhere on the East coast) for a year and I’m really looking forward to it. While I’m home I’m mostly going to take it easy, but I am planning to spend some time working on a few different book proposals that I’ve been tinkering with for a while now so that I can get the ball rolling on a few big projects I’d like to tackle in 2013. Maybe I’ll write a bit more soon about what’s in store for 2013 and reflect a bit on 2012, but for now I gotta get back to work! I have to finish a ton of stuff before I head to the East coast next week!

In the Middle of the God Damn Pacific Ocean

Hello friends! I’m working on my book, on schedule to have it finished very soon. Up above is a recently completed page.

I also recently finished work on another book project, creating 45 illustrations for a book that is being published by Workman Publishing. This project is what filled most of my time the past two months, one month spent working on rough sketches and the other spent working on the final illustrations. Here’s what 45 illustrations looks like, stacked in a pile…

I’ve also got yet another book project in the works right now. I’ll talk a lot more about that one as we get closer to the end of the year.

Oh! I also wanted to mention that I’ll have a comic in an upcoming issue of MAD Magazine. This will be the third time I’ve contributed comics to MAD and it’s also the biggest comic I’ve sold to them so far. I’m not certain which issue it’ll be in, but I think either #519 or #520. Here’s a tiny peek…

There’s just a couple days left to enter the cartoon caption contest I’m holding! Do it!

And on that note: back to work I go!


Hello friends! I am going to try something out here… a New Yorker-style CAPTION CONTEST! Here are the rules…

  1. FIRST: write up 1-3 funny captions for the cartoon up above!
  2. THEN: send them to me along with your name. You can email your caption(s) to me. My email address is phil AT philintheblanks DOT com. Please write “Caption Contest” in the subjext line. That will help me keep track of your entry and prevent it from getting buried in my inbox, which can be a bit of a jungle at times.
  3. You can enter up to THREE different captions for this cartoon. They don’t have to be dry “New Yorker” style captions, but they can be! I’m really just looking for funny captions. They can be dry, ridiculous, dark, absurd, weird, stupid, sexy… just have fun and try to come up with something genuinely funny.
  4. I’m not going to make anyone do this, so it isn’t reallllly a rule, but I’d sure appreciate it if, after entering, you posted a link to my website on your tumblr or twitter or blog or facebook or whatever internet social networking site floats your boat.
  5. The deadline is OCTOBER 31st! End of the month! HALLOWEEN! I’ll be reading through all the entries on November 1st and picking some winners.
  6. The number one ultra grand prize winner will get a prize in the mail. I’ll share the winning caption and a bunch of honorable mentions right here on my blog.

If this first caption contest goes well and everyone has fun then I will probably start doing this on a semi-regular basis, maybe one a month or something like that.



Good morning! Maybe it’s not morning as you’re reading this, I don’t know. It’s morning as I’m writing it! Anyways, I’ve got three things for you today!

First thing: last night I put a bunch of stuff up on my website from Pizza Sandwich, the project I had in development with Cartoon Network. Click the image up above to go take a look.

Second thing: I also recently put a little article up on my website, an adaptation of the talk I gave this past weekend at SketchCamp SD. DRAW LIKE A SIX-YEAR-OLD. I’ve gotten a really great response to it so far!

Third thing: I sent a big update out to all my book backers last night with a few complete comics and a bunch more peeks at stuff in progress. Here’s a little peek at some work in progress for the rest of you…

And here’s a page I finished last night and am pretty darn pleased with…