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Man, smoking is mega-gross! Am I right?!

My friends! You’ve got until the end of TUESDAY the 23rd (that’s tomorrow!) to get your contest entries in! I’m so jazzed about all the drawings people have shared so far!

Picture Book Report AND Icki Lip!

She planned very carefully.

This is my new illustration for Picture Book Report! Read more about it over here!

I should also mention that Vicki and I have started updating ICKI LIP again after a bit of a hiatus. There will be something new every Monday. Instead of dipping my feet back into the pool of filth, I decided to go for a cannonball and draw something really, really disgusting. I’m not going to post the whole image here, but I will show you a tiny glimpse, just to give you an idea of what’s in store for you if you click THIS LINK. But seriously, it’s really awful. Don’t look if you don’t like horrible, gruesome, sweaty, naked, hairy, awful drawings….

Icki Lip in the Meathaus

My goodness, what is this? I was featured on the totally great MEATHAUS blog? Along with two of my favorite people in the universe? Hot dog!

me in 75 and a half years

me in 75 and a half years
A drawing of my 100 year old self!

I’m still taking pre-orders for prints! Free shipping for anyone that pre-orders!

Super Fancy Prints: Pre-order Now!
I just posted a really, really gross new drawing over on the icki lip blog. Seriously, you probably shouldn’t look at it.

just a bit of news!

There’s a nice big interview with me in the most recent episode of The People You Don’t Know podcast. It was a lot of fun to do! Thanks to Eugene Ahn for asking me to be on the show!

Drawn.ca (and several other websites) linked to the little contest I’m holding, which explains why I came home to several zillion emails after a weekend out of town. I guess that’s pretty neat! The contest is still going on, by the way! You have until midnight on Friday to get those drawings in. I’m really pleased with all the entries that have come in so far!
Last but not least, there are some disgusting new drawings up on the icki lip blog. Seriously, they’re gross.

A Contest! 24 Hour Comic! Icki Lip!

I’m holding a contest!

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: Draw yourself at the age of 100! Wrinkly saggy old people are probably my favorite thing to draw and I hope you have fun drawing them too! Email your drawing to me with the subject “CONTEST!”: philintheblanks AT gmail.com OR post it in a comment over here.

DEADLINE: Friday, June 26th.

THE PRIZE: I will pick ONE first prize winner. Basically, I’ll pick whichever drawing makes me laugh the most. He or she will recieve a package in the mail filled with as much stuff as I can fit into it, including (but not limited to) some original art, loads of mini comics, buttons, and maybe even a t-shirt screen-printed by yours truly! Plus any other goodies that I can scrounge up. I’ll pick a couple honorable mentions who will recieve envelopes containing a mini comic or two.

“But Philip! I do not plan to still be alive at the age of 100!”

Fine sir or madam, for the sake of the contest let’s say that medical advances have made it absolutely common for people to live well past the age of 100. I don’t want to recieve any drawings of tombstones!

Please, spread the word! If you have any questions, please ask! READY SET GO!

And now for something completely different: This past weekend I drew 24 hour comics with my brother Tyler and our good friend Mike. I’m not planning to scan the entire thing in, but here are a couple little bits that I am particularly proud of. I apologize for the surprise nudity!

24 hour comic

24 hour comic

And finally, check out this terrible new project that Vicki and I are forcing the internet to deal with. The idea is that Vicki will try to top the drawing down below by drawing something more disgusting. Then I try to do something worse than hers, and so on until we just can’t take it anymore and both projectile vomit all over the place. It’s going to get pretty awful, I promise! Don’t worry, I won’t post everything I draw for this terrible project here. But here’s the first drawing, which is pretty tame.

Teenage Mall Skank