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I’ll See You Soon, San Francisco

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here are some things…

First thing: A new Feral Pizza cartoon! (above)

Second thing: I very quietly redesigned my entire website over the weekend. Take a peek!

Third thing: I’ll be ON THE ROAD for the next two weeks! My girlfriend and I will be on a road trip up and down the coast of California. We’ll be in LA for a few days this week, in San Francisco this coming weekend for the San Francisco Zine Fest, and we will be doing lots of camping in between and on the way back down to San Diego. I’ll attempt to check my email somewhat regularly over the next two weeks, but I make no promises.

Fourth thing: I drew something for the next issue of Smoke Signal. It’s a really great free newspaper full of comics that Desert Island publishes. I’m going to sit on my contribution until the issue comes out, but here’s a little peek…

Feral Pizza & A Doodle

Up above here is a new Feral Pizza cartoon. Using complicated scientific techniques I’ve created the most re-bloggable image of all time. If this isn’t the most popular thing on tumblr by the end of the week I’ll eat my hat.

And down below is a little ink doodle…

I’ll be in San Francisco in a couple weeks for the San Francisco Zine Fest! I’ll be sharing a table with the incalculably talented Roman Muradov. If you’re in the bay area, come say hello! I’ll have lots of mini comics and prints for you to fondle and purchase. This will almost definitely be the only convention I exhibit at this year.

Non-stop Drawing!

My good fiend Dave Witanowski wrote a novel! An awesome fantasy adventure novel called REYNARD THE FOX! I got to illustrate the wraparound cover. I can’t really say I’d done any serious fantasy illustrations before, at least not in my adult life. So this was a fun challenge, trying to do justice to one of my favorite scenes in Dave’s book. It stirred up the 16 year old Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast within me. I want to do more fantasy/adventure stuff now! Someone get me the Wizards of the Coast art director on the phone!

As soon as Dave’s book is available to purchase, I’ll be sure to link to it. Here’s what the cover looks like with text on it (which I also drew)…

Next on the agenda: a new Feral Pizza comic!

Despite being busier than ever, I’m hoping to get back into the habit posting new Feral Pizza comics at least somewhat regularly.

I’ll also have a full page comic in the new issue of Broken Pencil (#51). I gave you guys a tiny peek at it here. It’s a short profile of some fellows from Edmonton (Canada) who went to Zambia to teach kids how to make zines. I found the whole thing really interesting. You can read more about the group and their Zambian adventures here. Anyways, I’m not sure if the new issue of Broken Pencil has hit the streets yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

Speaking of having comics published in magazines, I just recently sold my very first comic to MAD MAGAZINE! MAD! MAGAZINE! I’m way, way beyond excited. It’ll hopefully be in the next issue, #510, I think. Which would be the August issue, though I’ve got a copy of the June issue sitting on the table here and we’re just barely into the month of May. So I don’t think you’ll actually have to wait until August to see the next one.

I’m keeping myself busy with a top secret project for the next few weeks. It’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on. I wish I could tell you about it! Though I guess it can’t hurt to give you a tiny little peek…


One last thing! I’m still raising money on kickstarter to help fund the creation of my book! It’ll run through most of the month, so there’s still loads of time to contribute and get some really fun stuff in return.


I had to put Feral Pizza on the back burner for a bit due to convention insanity, paying work, and being very busy in every day life. But It’s back! I’m going to try to stick with it again.

This morning I scanned in a bunch of napkin doodles from a few weeks ago at SPX. Here are a few favorites…

A drawing of me by Pen Ward!

A little comic starring Ryan Pequin and myself. The first panel was drawn by Ryan, the second panel by Dustin Harbin. Panel three was drawn by Scott C and panel four was drawn by Nathan Stapley.

I’ve got a few more napkin drawings over on flickr.

This Dude Has So Many Girlfriends 2

A new Feral Pizza cartoon for you to enjoy! Click the image to see a larger version.

You’ve still got just over a week to get your drawings in for The 2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition! Details are here! Thanks to everyone that has been reblogging, retweeting, or sharing Feral Pizza! You guys are so cool.

The Congressional Medal of Pizza

What!? A weekend Feral Pizza update!? INSANITY.

I’m planning to start doing more than one Feral Pizza cartoon a week. We’ll see how it goes. I hope you’re excited. I’ve set up an official tumblr feed for Feral Pizza, for all you people that like to enjoy things on tumblr. Reblog!

Hey! Don’t forget about The 2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition! You’ve still got loads of time to draw something for it, but don’t dilly dally! Some really incredible drawings have already been submitted!

2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition

First, here is this week’s Feral Pizza cartoon (click to enlarge)…

And on that note, I’m holding another CONTEST! A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the publishing company Lark Crafts. They said they had noticed my “exhibited affection for mustaches” and asked if I’d like a free copy of a new book that they’re publishing, Stache: Frivolous Facts & Fancies About That Space Between the Nose and Lip (by Terry Taylor). I of course said yes! They then asked if I’d like an extra copy to give away on my blog. To which I of course also said yes. And so, ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Wizards and jet-pack guys. I present to you The 2010 International Beard & Mustache Illustration Championship Competition.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: To enter the contest you must simply draw a picture of someone with a beard or mustache. Post your drawing in the comment section of this very post. If you’re reading this via a reader or on livejournal or tumblr, please be sure to click through to my actual blog to post your drawing.

HOW DO I WIN: I won’t simply be picking the most attractive drawing. I want everyone to have a shot at this. I’m going to be looking for creativity! I want to see some TOTALLY WILD beards and mustaches! Make me laugh! Make me fall out of my chair in awe of the facial hair you’ve dreamed up!

THE PRIZE: One brand spanking new paperback copy of Terry Taylor’s Stache: Frivolous Facts & Fancies About That Space Between the Nose and Lip from Lark Crafts. I have not yet had a chance to sit down and read this book, but let me tell you: it is a NICE looking book. Plus it comes with mustache stickers. And some of the text and image on the cover are soft and fuzzy. This is a fancy book for a fan of fancy mustaches. I will also pick a couple honorable mentions who will receive print copies of my world famous mini comic Are You Man Enough?.

DEADLINE: The end of the day WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2010. That’s just over two weeks away from the date this was posted! So much time to draw!

READY SET GO! And spread the word!

If you’ve got any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!

Naked Boobies

This week’s Feral Pizza goes out to my old friend Mike Stevens!

diseases and medical conditions i’m afraid of + art show news

A new Feral Pizza comic for you!

I may or may not continue posting the comics on this blog. I haven’t decided quite yet. I did manage to get an rss feed set up for the Feral Pizza website. We’ll see what happens I guess!

In other news, I’m going to have some stuff in a big benefit/art show/rock show/costume party here in Syracuse soon. If you’re in the area, swing by Spark Contemporary Art Space on the 30th. The gallery opens at 1:00 pm and bands start playing at 7:00 pm. More info can be found here!

An Experiment!

Yesterday I very quietly launched a little project. An experiment! Ladies and gentleman, I present to you FERAL PIZZA.

I’m going to take a stab at doing weekly cartoons or short comics. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while. Earlier this year I made that Feral Pizza mini comic for TCAF and I felt pretty good about it. So I’m going to stick with that title and try to build on the sort of stuff I was doing in that mini. I’m going to give it a shot! If I’m still having fun with it after a while, maybe I’ll start doing it more than once a week. We’ll see how it goes!

The archives include everything that was in the original Feral Pizza mini comic as well as a few older strips. The older strips are basically a small “best of” collection from when I was doing daily comics back in the dark ages (like five years ago).

I don’t currently have an RSS feed set up for the Feral Pizza site because I’ve no idea how to do such a thing. But I’m going to be cross-posting the strip here on this blog each week for now, so you can add this to your reader if you’d like. This blog is also mirrored on my livejournal and on my tumblr, so you know, whatever works for you!

UPDATE: I set up an RSS feed! Check out the little buttons down at the bottom of the Feral Pizza page! Hopefully they work!

Enjoy! And please spread the word!