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Maybe I Would Have More Friends If I Played Sports

Sunny Spot

Right Handed

Once again, 2.5″ x 2.5″.

I’ll be putting a bunch of these up for sale soon!

Phil & Phil

A little doodle from this past weekend in Toronto. Canzine was a blast! Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by, to the Broken Pencil people for hosting a great show (loved the new venue), to Annie K for dinner and fun, to Aviv for letting me tag along on Monday, and most of all to Vicki and Britt for being the best table mates and for letting me sleep on their couch for the millionth time.

Image stolen from blogto.com!Vicki is totally man enough. (photo stolen from this article!)


I apologize to anyone that’s sent email over the last couple days. I spent a great deal of time yesterday begging my computer to turn on. It never did. I then spent a great deal of time freaking out about how I’ve got a ton of stuff I need to get done this week and next week and I need a computer for all of it!

I’m currently visiting my parent’s house, mooching their computer to check email and… order a new computer. It should be here late tomorrow or the next day. Either way, I’m unfortunately going to be a little bit late with this month’s Picture Book Report illustration, which I was scheduled to share tomorrow. I apologize! I should still be able to get everything I’ve been working on for TCAF finished in time, though it might mean giving up sleep.

Just because I hate posting on this blog without any images, here’s a doodle from a few years ago!

mallfolk #4


Welcome! I’ve moved my creaky old blog from blogspot onto my own website and given it a MAJOR facelift with a little wordpress magic. Please update your bookmarks and feeds accordingly!

Just so this post isn’t without any art, here’s a blast from the past. I drew this while manning my table at SPX a few years ago.

lets rockout



A quick late night doodle of a crazy cyborg guy.

Super Fancy Prints: Pre-order Now!
I’m still taking pre-orders for the new prints! Anyone that orders before July 15th gets free shipping! I’m really hoping a few more people will take advantage of this, it’ll help me cover printing costs.

I also want to mention that my mini comics are now available (or will be very soon) at Jim Hanley’s Universe, Forbidden Planet, Bergen Street Comics (all in NYC), and Cosmic Monkey (Portland, OR).

banjo land

banjo land



Doodled for the most recent DREAMO TEAMO challenge. Beware, it can hear our thoughts!

I now have everything I need to put together a second printing of Are You Man Enough?, so expect it to be available in my store again sooooooon.

bp Magazine

A recent illustration I did for bp Magazine. I had an incredibly pleasant experience working with them and hope to be able to do so again down the line.

Just for kicks, here are some doodles and scribbles from my sketchbook: