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I will be at the Small Press Expo (or SPX as it is known) in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend, September 14 and 15. You?ll be able to find me either sitting behind or hiding under table W38B, which can be located with this handy guide. I will have copies of my book (pictured above) and lots of other books and comics and drawings and assorted items. Please come say hello if you?re in the area.


I’m hanging out in Syracuse, NY right now after an awesome few days in New York City. I had the pleasure of visiting the MAD Magazine offices and the First Second Books offices. I’ll write more about all this stuff later - right now I need to tell you that I’ll be in Toronto this weekend for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! Lots of great things will be happening at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (aka TCAF)!

First thing: My book, CRYING IN FRONT OF YOUR DOG AND OTHER STORIES, will be debuting at the festival! I’ll be spending most of my time hanging out and signing copies at the Grimalkin Press booth. This is the first place anyone will be seeing and buying and reading actual copies of this book. It’s very exciting.

Second thing: Benign Kingdom will also be at TCAF! I’ll be visiting the Benign Kingdom booth to sign copies of my art book from time to time as well. I don’t know the official signing schedule yet, but keep an eye on my twitter feed for that info.

Third thing: I’ll be participating in a couple of events at TCAF! First, on Saturday, my friend David Huyck and I will be hosting a drawing workshop for kids at 10:30 am. Here’s a little info from the TCAF website:

Join children’s illustrator David Huyck (That One Spooky Night) and Mad Magazine cartoonist Phil McAndrew on how to make a face that sticks. Learn how to show emotions through facial expressions and body posture - make your characters pop off the page! What do the eyebrows say? And why the heck are the eyebrows talking in the first place?

Then, on Sunday at 4:00 pm, I’ll be one of several cartoonists participating in a live drawing event. Here’s the info on that:

Four creators enter, one creator leaves! Come watch four artists draw for their lives - and for your entertainment. Winners will feast on the souls of the losers (vegetarian option available). Featuring Phil McAndrew, Lucy Knisley, Jim Rugg, and Scott C.!

Both events are going to be awesome, I am pretty darn sure!

Fourth thing: I’ve got a comic in The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor, which will also be debuting at the festival!

I hope to see you in Toronto!


Hello! I’ve got a little illustration in the new issue of MAD (issue #520). It should be in stores NOW!

Also: I’ll be one of many *special guests* at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA next weekend, March 1 - 3. Come find me with the rest of the Benign Kingdom crew at tables F12 - F16, where we’ll be debuting the spring 2013 art books (one of which is mine!). I’ll also have some original art with me and hopefully some copies of the Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics that have my art on the cover.

Come In, Bald Eagle

Come In, Bald Eagle is a comic I drew back in 2008 for the third and final volume of the You Ain’t No Dancer anthology books that New Reliable Press published. That book is now out of print and New Reliable Press isn’t publishing anymore so I figured I might as well go ahead and stick this story up on the website.

Some notes about this story:

  • The first draft that I thumb-nailed out was over twenty pages long. The version that I ended up drawing is only eight pages long.
  • One of my friends used to work as an assistant to an eccentric old stamp dealer. Part of her job was scanning in extremely rare, valuable stamps so that they could be sold on the internet. She’d occasionally email me the scans of some of the more interesting stamps, one of them being a stamp that was in fact sent on an envelope from the Titanic. Mary’s code name, Penny Red, is also a reference to stamp collecting.
  • The movie Charade was a major inspiration for this comic.
  • One of my best friends has been listed in my phone under the code name Bald Eagle for as long as I’ve had a phone.
  • The Living Sea is a real book by Jacques Cousteau. It’s great, you should read it.
  • All of the buildings you see in this comic are based on real buildings on Marshall Street in Syracuse, NY. My old stomping grounds.
  • I forgot to draw eyebrows on certain characters in at least two different panels. How embarrassing!
  • I originally planned to draw more comics about Mary and Steven (or Penny Red and Bald Eagle). Maybe I still will!?
  • The two main characters, Mary and Steven, are supposed to be in their mid-twenties, though they seem to be living in a perpetual childhood.
  • I haven’t yet decided if I’ll include this in my book or not.
REMINDER! I’m going to be reading some comics out loud, both old ones and new ones, on a stage in front of a bunch of people. This is happening THIS THURSDAY here in San Diego, California!
More details can be found here!
And hey! The San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week. I’m not going to be exhibiting but I’ll be there, probably every day, wandering around!

Phil & Phil

A little doodle from this past weekend in Toronto. Canzine was a blast! Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by, to the Broken Pencil people for hosting a great show (loved the new venue), to Annie K for dinner and fun, to Aviv for letting me tag along on Monday, and most of all to Vicki and Britt for being the best table mates and for letting me sleep on their couch for the millionth time.

Image stolen from blogto.com!Vicki is totally man enough. (photo stolen from this article!)


Hey guys! just a reminder that I’ll be in Toronto this weekend for CANZINE. Come find me! I look kind of like this…

Also! Some of my illustrations are now available as prints thanks to the folks over at Inprnt. They are super fancy and SUPER affordable. Buy some prints!

Kickass Annie + Canzine!

Annie Koyama of Koyama Press asked me to do a version of the Koyama Press “Kickass Annie” logo. Here it is!

Annie is a sweet lady and one of my biggest supporters. You guys should go and buy everything she’s published, not just because I think she’s great, but because the books she puts out are really, really terrific. She’s publishing some of the best people in comics right now. I look forward to seeing Annie again next weekend at Canzine…

Oh yeah! I’ll be in Toronto next weekend! For Canzine! I’ll be there with loads of mini comics, screen-printed shirts, original art, and other goodies. It’s going to be a fun time! Definitely come check it out, if not to see me, then definitely to see my favorite Canadians, Vicki and Britt.


I had to put Feral Pizza on the back burner for a bit due to convention insanity, paying work, and being very busy in every day life. But It’s back! I’m going to try to stick with it again.

This morning I scanned in a bunch of napkin doodles from a few weeks ago at SPX. Here are a few favorites…

A drawing of me by Pen Ward!

A little comic starring Ryan Pequin and myself. The first panel was drawn by Ryan, the second panel by Dustin Harbin. Panel three was drawn by Scott C and panel four was drawn by Nathan Stapley.

I’ve got a few more napkin drawings over on flickr.

Epic Update!

Hot dog! It’s been a crazy month!

First, let’s have a little SPX recap: SPX was, as always, a lot of fun. A million thanks to JP Coovert, Joe Lambert, and Alexis Frederick-Frost for letting me table with them. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and said hello. Thanks to my travel buddies Kate Beaton, Scott C, Nathan Stapley, Mar√© Odomo, Mike Stevens, Katie Turner, Zan Czyzewski, and Ryan Pequin. Thanks to hotel roommates Natasha Allegri and Pen Ward. Thanks to Annie Koyama for adding to the fun from a distance. I posted a bunch of my own pictures over on my flickr thing, but here are some better pictures. STOLEN PICTURES. With me in them!

Photo stolen from the amazing Nate Beaty!Hanging at the table with Joe Lambert. Photo stolen from the amazing Nate Beaty!

Photo stolen from the unforgettable Dustin Harbin!Having my butt fondled by Britt Wilson through a glass window. Photo stolen from the unforgettable Dustin Harbin!

An epic bro hug with Steve Wolfhard, Pen Ward and Scott C. Photo stolen from Kate Beaton!

Dinner! Ryan Pequin and I are amazed/disgusted by something! Probably something Vicki Nerino is drawing! Photo stolen from Kate Beaton!

On to the next thing: something new for Picture Book Report!

I decided to retire From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and move on to a new book, having done pretty much everything I wanted to do with my first choice. I’m moving on to Holes by Louis Sachar, another old favorite of mine. Check out my first Holes update over on Picture Book Report. I’m really excited about drawing stuff from this book.

Next thing: The Portrait-Dex!

My pal Steve Wolfhard (pictured above in the epic bro hug at SPX) started a fun little project. Cartoonists drawing themselves as Pokemon! Here’s my contribution…

(click to see larger)

Last thing: I’ll have two paintings in a big group show soon! The show is called Monsterbation and it’s happening at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. It’s a dirty, sexy, scary art show. Lots of naked drawings and monsters. You can get all the info on the show here.

Here’s a glimpse at one of my paintings. Click on it to see the whole thing, but watch out. There are naked boobies.


SPX! I’ll be there! This weekend! In Bethesda, MD!

I’ll be exhibiting with One Percent Press. Those fellows make some of the best mini comics in the galaxy. I’ll have a bunch of my own mini comics (including the Feral Pizza mini comic which I have, so far, only sold at one convention in another country), NEW SHIRTS (screen printed by hand by YOURS TRULY), original art and other little goodies.

The new shirts, pictured above, will come in a variety of sizes and colors. They look good on both boys and girls and will automatically make anyone who is wearing one the coolest person in the state or province.