Hello friends! I am going to try something out here… a New Yorker-style CAPTION CONTEST! Here are the rules…

  1. FIRST: write up 1-3 funny captions for the cartoon up above!
  2. THEN: send them to me along with your name. You can email your caption(s) to me. My email address is phil AT philintheblanks DOT com. Please write “Caption Contest” in the subjext line. That will help me keep track of your entry and prevent it from getting buried in my inbox, which can be a bit of a jungle at times.
  3. You can enter up to THREE different captions for this cartoon. They don’t have to be dry “New Yorker” style captions, but they can be! I’m really just looking for funny captions. They can be dry, ridiculous, dark, absurd, weird, stupid, sexy… just have fun and try to come up with something genuinely funny.
  4. I’m not going to make anyone do this, so it isn’t reallllly a rule, but I’d sure appreciate it if, after entering, you posted a link to my website on your tumblr or twitter or blog or facebook or whatever internet social networking site floats your boat.
  5. The deadline is OCTOBER 31st! End of the month! HALLOWEEN! I’ll be reading through all the entries on November 1st and picking some winners.
  6. The number one ultra grand prize winner will get a prize in the mail. I’ll share the winning caption and a bunch of honorable mentions right here on my blog.

If this first caption contest goes well and everyone has fun then I will probably start doing this on a semi-regular basis, maybe one a month or something like that.


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  1. 1 Mark Austin

    “I’d totally rescue her if I had a bathing suit on.”

    “I want to make sure she’s ok, but I don’t want to look like a pervert”.

    “Why did you bring me here, Lassie?”

  2. 2 Shannon Wheeler

    “No man is an island.”
    “Rex, please stop humming the Jaws theme.”
    “There’s ‘keeping abreast of the news’ but this is ridiculous.”

    “That’s a C-cup if it’s anything.”
    “I knew I should have brought a condom.”
    “I guess sharks don’t like implants.”
    “Some tiny palm trees and we’d have a gag.”
    “I’ve always heard they travel in pairs.”
    “Dibs on the left one.”
    “It’s times like this that make me wish I weren’t gay.”
    “They’ll never let me post this on Facebook.”
    “Rex, you’ve drooled so much you’ve filled the basement.”
    “Best S.O.S. I’ve ever seen.”
    “What are the odds that two bald midgets with nipple hats would drown next to each other?”
    “I’m trying to remember, lefty-loosy and righty-tighty?”

    OK… I’ll stop now.

  3. 3 Anthony Ewell-Kollmann

    “I guess I shouldn’t have dropped that scratch-and-sniff into the wade pool.”

    “Uh oh, my basement is flooded. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! With boobies!”

  4. 4 Tessa

    Naughty Sparky!

    Sadly Sam realized there would be no water balloon fun today

  5. 5 Wm Brian MacLean

    “She said she was wet. Now I feel guilty for taking the time to shower.”

    “Best friend, you need to up your game.”

    “At least ‘no man is an island’ is still true.”

    “Are those real?”

    “This is gonna take ‘motorboating’ to the next level.”

  6. 6 Arnab

    We see only 10% of what is actually there.

    Death becomes her.

    Thank you Sandy!

    Now lets find something for you, boy.

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