For those that don't know, my little brother Ray is the guitarist for Perfect Pussy, a band that has been getting a lot of attention from NPR, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, MTV, The New Yorker, etc.

They've been touring pretty much non-stop since autumn 2013. After they'd been off on tour for a little bit, a few days before they played two big record release shows in New York City, I pitched an idea to my brother: that I join them on tour for a week or two and draw everything along the way and write about it and then we try to make a little book out of it or something. I went down to New York for the record release show and talked about it with the band and even sat on stage during one of their sets and scribbled some drawings into a sketchbook. They liked the idea, but didn't really have any room for me in the van on their upcoming leg of tour. Instead they proposed that I create a comic book to go with a 7" split record that they were planning to put out with Joanna Gruesome, an amazing band from the UK who I have since met and I can say that the members of the band are just as great as their music (which is really, really great).

So we bounced some ideas back and forth. Perfect Pussy went back out on tour and I started scripting out a little story based around a few elements that the band suggested. By the time we had a story nailed down, I only had a few weeks to get the entire book drawn. So I drew a 24 page comic book in two weeks. I drew the entire thing directly in ink, I didn't pencil anything out. I illustrated the cover and wrote out every bit of text by hand... the lyrics, the credits, the track list. It was a pretty crazy couple of weeks!

The comic book doubles as packaging for the record, which will be tucked into a little sleeve inside the back cover. Here, along with the cover art, is a little glimpse at some tiny bits from the book, which I'm told will be released by Captured Tracks / Slumberland Records / Fortuna Pop in November 2014.

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